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Email Help: Changing your password through Hamptons.com Post Office

Password requirements:

  • Requires 8-20 characters and cannot start or end in a space
  • Requires 1 special character such as ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) ~ _ - { } [ ] , . / < > ?
  • Requires at least one number ( 0-9 )
  • Requires combination of upper and lower case letter
  • Cannot match login name or email address
  1. Go to your browser such as safari, internet explorer, mozilla firefox, etc and type in the address http://webmail.hamptons.com, or select the purple "mail" button on the upper left of this page.

    You will be taken to a login screen:

  2. Type in your FULL email address/username (from the Subject Line of the notification email you received) and your password and click login.

  3. Depending on your chosen interface (either one is fine), you will see either one of the following:

    Left click "options" in upper right corner for RICHTEXT Interface or left click "options" on left side for CLASSIC Interface.

  4. On this next screen (Same for both Classic and Rich), click on "Password" in the left hand column of this new Options screen:

  5. The following information will come up in both classic and rich interfaces:

    Please fill in the required information and remember to meet the requirements above for the password. Then click the link "SAVE" and the screen will refresh and then you will see a link button called "OK". Please left click this one, too. You are done.

  6. Once you have changed your passwords with your computer as instructed above, if you have other devices such as iphones, ipads, etc and/or other computers, make sure they are turned off. Then turn each one on, one at a time and access your emails. Each will error out and display a window where you should enter in your new password and save. After saving your new password on the machine, turn it off and proceed to the next device. Please be advised if you use a Macintosh computer, besides the error message where you enter the new password and save, you may have another window popup asking you if you want to save this to your master keychain. If this occurs, enter your master keychain password and save.

    The above instructions are to change the password on your device for your incoming emails which you receive via our mail server, mail.hamptons.com. For most people this will all that needs to be done. However, you should also try and send yourself an email to confirm that you can send emails. If you find that you cannot send emails though you can receive them then more than likely you are using our mail server, mail.hamptons.com, as the server to send emails, too and you will have to change the settings for your outgoing/SMTP server to the new passwords, too. However, in reviewing your settings in your email client, if it says your outgoing/SMTP server is other than mail.hamptons.com, change nothing within the settings for the outgoing/smtp server. You would need to speak to the company that supplies your outgoing mail server to find out why you cannot send emails. It would have nothing to do with your new password. Remember if your email client worked before, you ONLY change the password and nothing else.