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Digging Up Dinner: Raise Your Own Veggies

Gardenscapes - Across the country this spring, more Americans will be cutting out sections of lawn, retiring flower beds, building raised vegetable beds and turning their spare time over to gardening.

LongHouse Reserve Offers Gardening Workshops

Gardenscapes - LongHouse Reserve will offer gardening workshops: Pruning Time and Japanese Bamboo Fence Making.

Ridding Your Lawn Of Snow Mold

by Kristin Piccini
Gardenscapes - Spring is upon us and so is snow mold. As the last of the snow melts away, homeowners might notice unsightly patches of snow mold on their lawn.

Keep Water Where It Belongs - Reduce Water Waste With A Properly Designed Irrigation System

by William Ferrara
Gardenscapes - The sandy soil conditions in the Hamptons mean its landscapes require more water than elsewhere in the Northeast.

Choosing Flowering Trees

by Michael Gaines
Gardenscapes - Why plant a flower or two if you can plant a tree full of them? Trees are a lifetime investment.

Compost - The Gardener's 'Black Gold'

by Blake Wood
Gardenscapes - For the past few years, Compost has been one of the biggest buzz words in gardening and the green movement. From unmatched plant growth to reducing dependency on landfills

Best Of Spring: Annual Flowers That Like The Cold

by Anne Halpin
Gardenscapes - OK, so we've had some surprisingly warm and wonderful weather lately.

State Coordinates Response For Detection And 'Stop Sale' Of Diseased Plants

Gardenscapes - New York State Agriculture Commissioner announced a new concerted strategy that will enhance the State's detection and eradication efforts of late blight.

Compost Tea - A Healthy Drink for Your Plants

by Blake Wood
Gardenscapes - Compost is an extremely beneficial supplement for your plants and the traditional application can do wonders for your garden, but there is another way to use compost that is gaining popularity.

Just Chillaxin!

by Linda Ardigo
Gardenscapes - Creating a retreat, a special place for rest and relaxation is synonymous with gardens.

Don't Leave Your Soil Bare - Cover It With Local Hardwood Mulch

by Blake Wood
Gardenscapes - Trees and shrubs are one of the fastest ways to give your property a clean, finished look.

Healthy Soil - The Foundation For Beautiful Plants

by Blake Wood
Gardenscapes - If your plants never seem to grow quite as big, or bloom quite as bright as your neighbors, it probably has to do with your soil.

Fragrant Flowers For Enchanted And Scent Filled Evenings

by Anne Halpin
Gardenscapes - What is so pleasant as a summer evening spent outdoors? We can enjoy the cool night air, dine al fresco, sip a glass of wine with friends or do some stargazing.

Solutions Inspired By Nature

by Keith Schumpf
Gardenscapes - Scientific advancements have uncovered pest control solutions, derived from nature, that are safer and more environmentally friendly than ever before.

Growing Greener Grass

by Blake Wood
Gardenscapes - A well maintained lawn is a beautiful sight and most of us work hard (or pay someone else to work hard) so that we can have our properties covered with a thick green carpet of grass.

Dazzling Mid-Season Color

by Linda Ardigo
Gardenscapes - As the season rolls on we find ourselves pinching and dead heading and eventually visiting nurseries, and being seduced by the fresh on-going array of blooming trees, shrubs and plants that can dutifully keep (the music) going in our landscapes deep into the summer season.

Alternatives To Asphalt Pave The Way To A Better Driveway

by Anne Halpin
Gardenscapes - Asphalt has been the standard driveway surface for years. It's durable, weeds don't grow in it, it looks neat - lots of homeowners and builders love it. But there's a downside now that the East End has become ever more densely populated.

Restore Your Lawn's Lushness

by Keith Schumpf
Gardenscapes - Hot dry conditions wreaked havoc on lawns this summer. Restore it to a beautiful, lush state with these Fall lawn care tips.

Restore Your Lawn's Lushness

by Keith Schumpf
Gardenscapes - Hot dry conditions wreaked havoc on lawns this summer. Restore it to a beautiful, lush state with these Fall lawn care tips.

Garden As Art Inspires

by Nicole B. Brewer
Gardenscapes - Nothing inspires and enriches the soul more than a tranquil stroll through a fragrant garden. Tour some of the most exemplary Hamptons garden retreats on view during the Guild Hall “Garden As Art: Designers Choice” tour on Saturday, August 28.

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