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Garden Trends Near And Far

by Linda Ardigo
Gardenscapes - Garden Trends revive the old adage: “Everything old is new again!” Fountains, water elements, sculpture. All are natural evolvements within the landscape of our heritage and our minds. When we travel to distant countries like Italy, Spain, England, and tour their parks, museums and gardens; we are often inspired by the serenity and profound beauty that surrounds us.

Edible Gardens - Growing Your Own Great Food!

by Linda Ardigo
Gardenscapes - While there is nothing new about growing an edible garden, the hard part is the planning, prepping and the TLC and attention your edible garden will require. It takes work, but the rewards are bountiful to having an edible garden, and as a result the inspirational art and awareness is inspiring.

Southampton Rose Society Announces Rose Show And Tours

Gardenscapes - Rose Day - All Day! A show all about roses and a spectacular garden tour to be held on Saturday, June 20. This is the day all rose lovers should attend, enter - or do both! The Southampton Rose Society's Annual Rose Day will present a spectacular Rose Show.

Sneak Peek: A Private Paradise in Bridgehampton

by Anne Halpin
Gardenscapes - On a quiet country lane in Bridgehampton is a most remarkable garden that is a uniquely inspired melding of art and landscape. It belongs to interior designer John Barham, who created it and has nurtured it for 22 years.

It's Rose Season! A Few Tips On How To Get Started

by Anne Halpin
Gardenscapes - It's rose season here in the Hamptons. Roses are in full, glorious bloom from beaches to backyards all across the East End. If you'd like to add some roses to your garden, here are some tips to get you started.

Beware Of Wisteria, Bamboo And Other Exotic Invasive Plants

by Linda Ardigo
Gardenscapes - I am sure you have been told, as romantic as they may seem at first glance - beware - invasive species, if left uncontrolled can and will limit land use now and into the future.

LongHouse Reserve Awards Frederico Azevedo First Place For Container Exhibition

Gardenscapes - Landscape Designer and CEO of Unlimited Earth Care, Frederico Azevedo wins LongHouse Reserve Container Exhibition for second straight year.

Go Ahead, Fill Your House With Flowers!

by Anne Halpin
Gardenscapes - Freshly cut flowers seem to capture the very essence of summer. Many local farm stands sell pretty bouquets that you can bring home and pop into a vase. But if you're a gardener, it's easy to grow some of your own flowers for cutting, and you don't need a big garden to do it.

A Need For Attainable Sculpture In The Garden

by Linda Ardigo
Gardenscapes - Many people seem to think that they are out of the art sculpture collecting league if they cannot afford an original Moore or Brancusi. Of course that is not so. One has only to investigate the wonderful array of sculpture offered by local and international art galleries.

Banish Those Bugs, Naturally

by Anne Halpin
Gardenscapes - Ah, summer! At this time of year we are living outdoors. We're going to the beach, sitting by the pool, hiking and biking, picnicking, shopping, gardening and enjoying outdoor concerts, dinners and parties. We're sharing outdoor activities with friends and family, and we're also sharing them with insects.

Snowballs, Lacecaps Or Mopheads, Your Garden Needs Hydrangeas

by Anne Halpin
Gardenscapes - Summer has reached its peak, and so has that most emblematic of Hamptons garden flowers - the hydrangea. Those big blue pompoms seem to be everywhere right now. This week From the Garden takes a look at the hydrangea clan.

Color, Texture, Contrast For Your Planters

by Linda Ardigo
Gardenscapes - Whether you are planning to design an interior space of your home, a garden, or a beautiful planter/vessel; this should always be your guide. Repeat it as a Mantra: Color, Texture, Contrast!

Think Garden Season's Over? Not So Fast!

by Anne Halpin
Gardenscapes - The end of summer doesn't have to mean the end of your garden. There's still plenty of color in the garden from summer annuals, and from late-blooming perennials like Japanese anemone, asters and mums, and the lesser known toad lily (Tricyrtis).

Meditation Spaces In The Garden

by Linda Ardigo
Gardenscapes - As Autumn is now in full swing, I find this time of year to be a more meditative and nostalgic time for me. Creating a special place in your garden specifically for your inner well-being and health seems to be a very popular desire for most people today.

Landscape Foundation Planning And Planting

by Linda Ardigo
Gardenscapes - Your foundation planting should echo the overall essence of your home's surrounding landscape style. How we wrap our homes with landscaping is often not given the attention it deserves. You should consider creating the right statement, organically anchoring your home to the earth, softening the hard edged corners and creatively concealing the foundation base of the home.

Dazzling Color For Your Winter Garden!

by Linda Ardigo
Gardenscapes - Create interest in your gardens during the coldest weather. As I have mentioned before: It's about contrast! Yes, and that is what we look for in choosing and placing the right combination of evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs.

Landscape Designing With Winter In Mind

by Linda Ardigo
Gardenscapes - When embarking on a custom landscape design for clients, quite often they mention to me that they do not expect to be spending much time out east, during the winter months.

Button Up Your Overcoat And Remember - Protect Your Landscape Investments!

by Linda Ardigo
Gardenscapes - Yes, even as I write to you from sunny Florida, I am reminded that due to extreme temperature changes and harsh winds, the ravishes and sometimes permanent damage and loss of trees, shrubs and other organic materials is very sad and can be very costly.

Let's Make Spring Come Early

by Anne Halpin
Gardenscapes - Have we all had enough of snow yet? In the depths of February - especially in a winter like this one - it can seem like spring will never come. But we can distract ourselves by looking for the first signs of spring, and we can even make spring come early.

Designing An Informal Formal Garden

by Linda Ardigo
Gardenscapes - When most people think of formal gardens, they tend to imagine the gardens of Versailles or some other massive estate or public building.

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