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A Taste Of The Arts 2009

Originally Posted: December 29, 2009

The infatigable Carl Bernstein discusses his long range view on the American press and its charge to ferret out the truth. Hamptons.com stock photos

Southampton - This year has seen a number of accomplished persons in The Arts, from authors to musicians to comedians. Here are five of the most compelling and pertinent interviews from the year.

"I've never been to the Hamptons," Hugley said, "I gotta see this for myself."

Freedom Of The Press Revisited: A Conversation With Carl Bernstein
By Douglas Harrington
We asked Bernstein if broadcast journalism was significantly different than print journalism, "Yes, they are very different mediums, but I have this belief that all good reporting is the same thing - the best obtainable version of the truth." He went on to eloquently give his primer on reporting, based on a lifetime of accumulated experience, "It is about nuance. A lot of reporting is about context, a lot of what is important that we do as reporters has to do with context. The first thing is deciding what is news, what we choose to put on page one, what we decide is a story. It is not an 'objective' decision; it is a very subjective act. After you have made that determination, it is all about context. Facts stacked up by themselves are not necessarily the truth, context reflects the truth."

D.L. Hughley : "I Had To Come See The Hamptons For Myself"
By Douglas Harrington
Enormously popular on the comedy nightclub circuit, Hughley is best known to television viewers for his hit television sit-com on ABC, "The Hughleys," and for his role as Turk's brother on "Scrubs." He has appeared in almost a dozen films from the voice of the Gagetmoble in "Inspector Gadget" to his role as Albert in last year's "Spy School," however, his most acclaimed film performance was his appearance as himself in the Spike Lee docu-film, "The Kings Of Comedy," which was a critically heralded, box office hit. I asked Hughley, after the untimely passing of Bernie Mac last year, if there were any plans in the works to again tour "The Kings of Comedy" road show.

Nelson DeMille signing his latest novel "Gate House" at Author's Night in support of the East Hampton Library.

Nelson DeMille: No Beach Read Like A DeMille Beach Read
By Douglas Harrington
DeMille's NYPD/Terrorist Task Force Detective John Corey is being reprized again in his second venture into the sequel format with his upcoming novel "The Lion," due out for Father's Day in 2010. A continuation of the plot of "The Lion's Game," DeMille says that there may be one more John Corey novel to follow, but that will mark the end of his contractual multi-book relationship with his publisher, "The next one will be his last book [John Corey]. You get to a point when you want to end on a high note. I am going to end my commercial contracts. It is time to move on to actually selling a book, as opposed to fulfilling a multi-book contract. I hate writing against a deadline. I want to go back to being the writer I was, where I can write what I want to write, the way I want to write it." DeMille went on to say, "When my contractual agreements are over, I will be able to write what I want to write. Not something I am obligated to write because I was given an advance based on an outline. I want to go back to being a freelance writer. Maybe some screenplays, although that may kill me, maybe some short stories, and perhaps a memoir." He said there are still more novels to come, this time on his terms and timetable.

Jimmy and Dick Dale each played custom made Fender guitars recently at The Stephen Talkhouse.

Dick Dale: The King Of The Surf Guitar Amps Up The Volume At The Talkhouse
By Douglas Harrington
During that era he and his band, The Del-Tones, were breaking all the attendance records at the legendary Rendezvous Ballroom in Balboa and the release of his first single, "Let's Go Trippin'," in 1961 is indeed considered the first surf rock song. Although credited with creating reverb for the guitar, it was his tremolo guitar picking that is the real signature of surf rock, as the reverb came along after Dale had created the signature style that he described as, "The heavy machine gun staccato style of playing the guitar." He later explained, "The reverb was not put on the amplifier for the guitar, I put it on for my voice. Reverb didn't create the surf sound; it has nothing to do with the surf sound."

Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan: Suffolk County's First Woman Poet Laureate
By Douglas Harrington
This year Suffolk County named its first female Poet Laureate, Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan. We sat down with Nuzzo-Morgan and the interview that resulted stirred strong emotions among the literati and sparked an interesting discussion on what it means to be a Poet Laureate. Nuzzo-Morgan is a compelling character herself, as poetry has been both a full-time endeavor and a part-time pleasure throughout her life. She brings a unique perspective to the post and will be a fascinating figure to watch in the coming years.

"Long Island Sounds," the annual anthology of the North Sea Poetry Scene.

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