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Laughing Pizza Concert To Support FEEDS Projects

Originally Posted: August 11, 2009

Laughing Pizza Concert To Support FEEDS Projects will be held on Aug. 15. Image courtesy of Google Images

Southampton - On Aug. 15, Lauren Bush will host a concert featuring the Laughing Pizza band, a fun and popular family band, to FEED hungry kids. FEED will be selling the FEED Bears before and after the concert. Proceeds from the ticket sales will support FEED, and the proceeds from the sale of the FEED Bear will go to Industrial Revelation, a non-profit organization which produces Plumpy'NutŪ, a nutritious peanut-based paste, to feed severely malnourished children ages five and under. Dylan's Candy Bar will provide gift boxes for the first 200 attendants. Tickets for children will be $7 and $10 for adults.

About FEED Projects
In 2006, Lauren Bush and Ellen Gustafson launched FEED - a program designed to create quality products that FEED the world. FEED has helped raise awareness about world hunger while giving an education, a full belly, and brighter future to one hungry child at a time. Since the company's inception, FEED has raised over $5 million for the United Nations World Food Programme.

About Teddy Share
Teddy Share is a charitable bear company founded by Sharon Bush. Twenty years ago, Sharon started a charity called Karitas that raised money for homeless and abused children through the sale of teddy bears. Now, as a continuation of this effort, Teddy Share will partner with various charitable organizations, like FEED, to raise money for philanthropic causes through the sale of teddy bears.

Updated: August 15, 2009, 11:00 pm
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