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East Hampton Launches CPF Website To Provide Transparency

Originally Posted: July 15, 2009

Aaron Boyd

East Hampton's Director of Land Acquisition Scott Wilson showing the CPF Committee the new website, set to launch by the end of the week.Photo by Aaron Boyd

East Hampton - East Hampton's Department of Land Acquisition, the division that manages the Community Preservation Fund (CPF), will be launching a new website on Friday in an attempt to provide increased transparency and accountability to one of the most controversial town offices.

The site, which will be accessible through the town's website (www.town.east-hampton.ny.us) by choosing the "Departments" tab and finding the Department of Land Acquisition, seeks to provide East Hampton's resident will access to the department's budget, the meeting schedule and minutes of the CPF Committee, which rates potential properties for acquisition and sets priorities for stewardship and management, graphs of the monthly revenues that fuel the fund through a two percent tax on real estate transactions and the state and town legislation that created the fund, as well as information on the acquisition process. Visitors to the site can also see photographs of properties purchased through the CPF (organized by hamlet) and the restoration efforts that have gone into maintaining the town's open spaces.

The website is in its first iteration, according to Department Director Scott Wilson, and should be set to go as soon as the Town Board signs off on it. "The key word is 'Transparency,'" CPF Committee chairman Tim Brenneman asserted, voicing his approval of the site and its goals. Both the committee and the department are hopeful that this first step will help bridge the gap between bureaucracy and the people.

Updated: July 27, 2009, 4:25 pm
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