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Nip Tuck Workout

Originally Posted: March 30, 2006

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Having retired from plastic surgery after 28 years, Dr. Nadler has taken the artistic ability and eye for detail that made him a world-renowned plastic surgeon and applied them to personal training creating "The Nip Tuck Workout." It is a unique concept based on achieving beauty through creating symmetry and proportion. This is not body building; this is body enhancing! It is the ultimate in non-surgical body shaping suitable for the novice or the veteran.

At his recent launch party at Fredericks in NYC he explained that he sees each person individually and that each body will react differently to each exercise. He laughed that while many patients and fitness clients come to see him wanting a certain celebrity nose or to be a specific size in clothing each body is original and can't necessarily fit into any predetermined molds. He truly cares that each person is at his or her own personal best, not a carbon copy of some ideal figure.

Bruce J.Nadler, M.D. is a retired plastic surgeon after practicing for 28 years. He is also a personal trainer certified by the American College of Sports Medicine and the International Sports Sciences Association, a competitive body builder and a NPC bodybuilding and figure competition judge. He has founded X-M.D. Fitness, Personal Training Systems, a unique exercise program based on the plastic surgical principles of proportion and symmetry. He currently lives on Long Island with his wife Terri and greyhound, Libby.

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