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Sold-Out Little Feat Show A Blues-Rock Jam In Westhampton Beach

Originally Posted: January 05, 2009

Kelly Carroll

Little Feat vocalist Shaun Murphy belted out tunes with a strong but sweet sound. Photos by Kelly Carroll

Westhampton Beach - It may be the beginning of January, and it may have been fairly cold this weekend, but it couldn't have gotten any hotter inside the Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center Saturday night, as blues-rock ensemble Little Feat brought the sold-out East End crowd down South with their original and eclectic sound.

"I heard it was 80 degrees in New Orleans tonight," joked lead singer Paul Barrere, baiting the crowd to take a trip with him. It wasn't long before concert goers went away with the music.

Instrumentals of 10 minutes or more showed the musical prowess Little Feat is known for.

With a set list that ranged from fast rock and roll to slow blues and smooth jazz, Little Feat was eager to get right to the music, interacting with the audience only to tell short jokes between songs. Several instrumentals lasting 10 minutes or more proved the prowess the band has been associated with for decades.

Little Feat's musical arsenal includes more than 30 studio, live and compilation albums. Its latest "Join the Band," released in July 2008, features such legendary names as Bob Seger, Jimmy Buffett, and Emmylou Harris. At the end of January, the band will take its sound to Jamaica for its seventh annual trip to the island, known as the "Feat Fan Excursion."

"We teach this [song] to one Jamaican at a time," Barrere laughed before playing Don't Bogart That Joint. "There are seven Jamaicans down there that know it."

While the band itself has established much critical acclaim, Little Feat still proves that mass radio play is certainly not the judge of great music, as shown by the number of fans dancing along to their music Saturday night. Or, as they sing in Cadillac Hotel, "It's not about money, you can never get enough/A handful of honesty, a fist full of pride/It's not how you live, it's how you survive."

Created in the late 1960s by the late Lowell George and current Little Feat keyboardist Bill Payne, the band's music has been covered by a number of successful artists through the years, yet it's easy to estimate that its sound has been even more influential.

Little Feat has been comprised of different musicians over the decades. Currently, the band is made up of (from left to right) Bill Payne, Fred Tackett, Shaun Murphy, Paul Barrere, Sam Clayton, Richard Hayward, and Kenny Gradney.

 • For more information on Little Feat, visit the band's official website at www.littlefeat.net. For upcoming Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center events and news, go to www.whbpac.org.

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