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Originally Posted: October 09, 2008

East End Books hosted a book signing for author Alexandra Holzer for the publication of her second book "Growing Up Haunted: A Ghostly Memoir" (published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd.). Concurrently with the book signing, Holzer's mother Catherine Buxhoeveden (Holzer) exhibited a number of paintings in the gallery of the bookstore.

Catherine Buxhoeveden and Alexandra Holzer at East End Books.
Photos by Eileen Casey

Speaking with Buxhoeveden she indicated first her pride in her daughter's accomplishments, and also that she felt, "This is really representative of a cycle, as her [Alexandra's] book includes her point of view and her perspective of growing up amid the choices both her father and I made." Holzer's father is well-known ghost hunter, writer and parapsychologist Dr. Hans Holzer. Her mother, Catherine, did many of the illustrations in the books written by [Hans] Holzer. Buxhoeveden further commented that, "It is wonderful that Alexandra's book represents a new audience for me with regard to my own artwork and brings things even more forward, although I admit it required some adjustment regarding some of the personal and private details Alexandra reveals, however, this is her journey."

Alexandra Holzer commented that as a child she was greatly influenced by the path her parents chose, however, at 37 and married with four children (ranging in ages from nine to four). "Growing Up Haunted" is her second book, the first, "Lady Ambrosia" is a sci-fi fantasy book for children, she felt it was personally important to relate her own perceptions and memories.

Artist Abby Abrams at Surface Library Gallery and Atelier.

Her father is now 88 and still writing, and given her mother's long career as an artist, Holzer indicated, "That I have always had a shared connection to both of them, both artistically and creatively." When asked who on 'another plane' she would be most interested in connecting with Holzer stated, "Most definitely Elvis Presley, a former client of my father's". Holzer also indicated that she "Feels my personality has always allowed me to hear on different planes and levels. I have always trusted my intuition"

Across town, the Surface Library Gallery and Atelier in the Springs held its "Figuratively Speaking" opening reception on Saturday. Curated by James Kennedy, the group exhibition includes works by Abby Abrams, Ann Brandeis, Eunice Golden, Barbara Groot, Richard MacDonald, Jerry Schwabe and Thomas J. Shelford. The exhibition will run through Nov. 2, and the gallery is open Thursdays through Saturdays, from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m., and Sundays, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Eileen Casey spent many years working in the television and music industries in New York City on the "ABC In Concert" weekly series, as well as several prime time network and cable television specials. An award-winning journalist, editor, and artist, and former Editor-in-Chief of Hamptons.com, she enjoys staying warm in Charleston and cool in the Hamptons.

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