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INTERVIEW: Celebrity Trainer Megan Roup On Founding The Sculpt Society, Her Fitness Routine, And More

Nicole Barylski

The Sculpt Society Founder Megan Roup. (Photo: Liana Tarantino)

There's a reason that Megan Roup's The Sculpt Society (TSS) has a devoted following that includes Kate Bock, Sofia Richie, Elsa Hosk, Martha Hunt, and Hunter McGrady. The upbeat, dance based classes are challenging, but at the same time super fun - so much so that you often don't even feel like you're actually fitting in a workout.

We caught up with the fitness guru and mom-to-be about TSS, her workout regimen, the newly launched Pre and Postnatal Program, and much more.

What inspired you to found The Sculpt Society?

MR: The Sculpt Society was founded to empower women through movement. I wanted to create a method that was FUN, effective and was for anyBODY at any level. I also wanted to create a community for women where the emphasis was about feeling good!

Tell us a little bit about TSS method.

MR: TSS blends low impact sculpt and easy to follow dance cardio. I bring an athletic approach to dance based fitness. TSS is truly for non dancers and dancers alike, I keep it simple, but super FUN. Each class is to the beat of the music and if dance cardio isn't your thing, don't worry, most of the method is low impact sculpt.

Congrats on your pregnancy! Has being pregnant changed the way you approach working out and fitness?

MR: Truthfully not really. I am a certified Pre and Postnatal specialist so during my second and third trimester I am modifying some movement, especially core work and implementing my pelvic floor and 360 breathing videos. However, I have always been a big proponent of moving in a way that feels good and for me that is The Sculpt Society.

Can we expect more pre/post natal programming from The Sculpt Society?

MR: Yes! I just launched my Pre and Postnatal Program, TSS MAMA! I am so excited to have this now available on the TSS App - so that no matter what stage of life you're in, The Sculpt Society has something for you. I filmed most of the workouts while pregnant and included essential pelvic floor and 360 breathing videos into the program. As a certified Pre and Postnatal specialist, this program is SAFE, fun and effective.

What does your typical weekly fitness regimen look like?

MR: I go live three to four times a week on The Sculpt Society App, so luckily my TSSfam community keeps me accountable and I am consistently working out. I always take a day off (super important to take a rest day), but on days I don't go live, I like to do a workout on The Sculpt Society App.

Loungewear and workout apparel are really having a moment right now. What are your go-to outfits?

MR: I am currently living in jumpsuits/onesies, since I am pregnant not much fits, so I find these the most comfortable. I have a couple onesies from Free People, Smash and Tess x Hilary Duff colab, and for working out I have a bunch of onesies from Amazon, FP movement, Everlane and Onzie.

Last summer, you teamed up with Kate Bock for a workout series filmed in the Hamptons. Do you have any more cameos planned?

MR: Yes, but can't tell you who! I have the best clients :)

Speaking of the Hamptons, what does an ideal day look like?

MR: A perfect day in the Hamptons for me would be grabbing coffee at Jack's Coffee, teaching an outdoor pop-up TSS class, grabbing a late breakfast or early lunch after at Golden Pear or Citarella and bringing it to the beach to hang, maybe a bike ride and then a casual dinner at the Blue Parrot.

The past year has brought on trying moments for all. How do you deal with stress?

MR: I connect with my community, call my family, make time for movement, meditate, and take walks outside.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

MR: If you're interested in a The Sculpt Society App, you can get a two week free trial on my website: www.thesculptsociety.com.

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