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INTERVIEW: Supermodel Kate Bock On Her Valentine’s Day Plans With NBA Star Kevin Love, Their Engagement And Love Story, The Hamptons, And More

Nicole Barylski

Pompette Chief Brand Officer Kate Bock. (Photo: Courtesy of Pompette)

We're not even halfway through February and international supermodel and entrepreneur Kate Bock is already having a banner year - because her longtime love, NBA star Kevin Love, proposed and she also has a new role as Chief Brand Officer of Pompette, the first premium line of hard sparkling waters.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Bock about her Valentine's Day plans with Love, how their love story began, date night preparations, her favorite Pompette flavor, the Hamptons, and much more.

Congrats on your engagement! How did Kevin pop the question?

KB: We were out for dinner for my birthday. So, I really didn't see it coming at all - because we were having such a nice night and brought a beautiful bottle of wine and were enjoying dinner at our favorite restaurant. And he wove it in there with some smooth moves. I really was totally taken off guard and surprised.

How did your love story begin?

KB: We met in the summer of 2015. We went on a coffee date as our first date. And basically we're going strong since the first moment.

Who would you say is more romantic?

KB: I would say we have different love languages. It depends on what you think romance is. I speak my feelings more and he gifts his feelings more.

What do you have planned for Valentine's Day this year?

KB: Kevin is on the road, on a road trip. So, we're going to have to do date night from afar. But I think what we're actually going to do is try to make up some cocktails. I think it's a fun thing to work on together. We both have different flavor palettes. So, we're gonna throw in some of the Pompette flavors and try to make our own favorite cocktails - that we'll be able to enjoy this summer and hopefully at our wedding also.

What are your favorite flavor profiles?

KB: Recently I've been the most attracted to Clementine Berry. I like it by itself, on ice, super fresh - or I make a cocktail with it that I'm really loving. One way or another, I think I'm leaning towards Clementine Berry, but I actually just did a little survey on my phone and it's very, very all over the place. People all have different choices of their favorites.

What would you say is your best Valentine's Day so far?

KB: One year Valentine's Day landed on the All Star break. So, it was when he gets time off and we were on our way to a tropical destination. I mean I'm a sun lover and worshiper, so that was the best. We had such a nice little break in the season to spend time together.

How do you usually prepare for date night?

KB: I actually really enjoy doing my hair and makeup. I make a cocktail and do my hair. It's quite a process. I have a lot of hair, so it takes me a while. I put on music - Kevin's actually the better playlist maker - so I put on some good music, have a drink while I'm getting ready, and I just take my sweet time doing my hair. I find it therapeutic and relaxing. So, music, a drink, and doing my hair puts me in a good mood for a date night.

That's skincare for me. Love a good mask.

KB: Right?

And what about your wardrobe? What will you be wearing this Valentine's Day?

KB: Honestly, probably something like this redish tank top and some sweatpants. I'll be super comfy, cuddling with my puppy while on FaceTime.

You spent a portion of the summer in the Hamptons last year. What were your favorite spots and things to do?

KB: Grindstone, definitely. Carissa and Calissa. A Mediterranean vibe restaurant for dinner. A bakery, coffee shop - if you need a birthday cake or a fresh baked scone, hit Carissa's. Duryea's for lunch. Always special, but definitely make sure you book that ahead. Otherwise you're never getting in because it's impossible. Tutto il Giorno - I think we're going to do that for a date night when we're there next because it's so cute and great.

What projects have you been working on recently?

KB: Work has been really interesting recently. It's kind of pivoted from doing full on big production shoots to doing a lot of work from home and self-shooting. I have literally piles of things that I need to shoot in my bedroom right now. It's been cool to kind of be able to pivot work, and be able to find the time to actually work and partner with brands like Pompette, and find a deeper connection, and a deeper strategy of how to work with a brand that you really believe in, and get a new role in this industry. I'm Chief Brand Officer at Pompette, so it's more than just a post or a partnership, it's really investing in a brand that I believe in, and helping to promote, and sell products that I love.

Tell me a little bit about your work with Wellness in Schools.

KB: They're a great charity. I'm someone who's really into health and wellness. And I've always really focused my life around that. I was looking to work with a charity that had the same interests as me. And they couldn't have aligned better. They help to promote a healthy lifestyle for kids at low-income schools, where they provide healthier lunches. I've been doing some videos to help teach kids how to eat the rainbow and incorporate different colors into their meals and find fresh foods. I think it's really important to teach that at a young age. I was very lucky that my mom always gave us organic food from a farmer's market as kids. Maybe we thought it was boring and I wanted more packaged things at the time, but now I really appreciate it and realize how lucky I was to eat really clean, healthy foods. I think that has translated into more energy and kind of a lighter headspace throughout my life.

And what about your fitness routine? What is your go-to workout lately?

KB: Actually, when I was in the Hamptons this summer, I filmed a ten-minute, every day of the week, different body parts series with Megan Roup. She's a good friend of mine. She's a founder of The Sculpt Society and she has an app, it's brilliant. You can actually follow along with our workout. I have been doing our workouts, because you can do just ten minutes, and then she has a 30-minute cardio or a 15-minute arms - or whatever you want to work on. If it's once a day or twice a day, maybe ten minutes, twice a day or whatever time you have, she has a workout that will fit your schedule.

Does that change when you're getting ready for a photo shoot?

KB: Not too much. I would say more just being conscious of what I'm eating before a photo shoot. But I workout regularly because it's for my physical health, mental health. I just feel better. I like to move no matter what.

What about beauty and fashion trends? What ones are exciting you at the moment?

KB: I am so into all fashion trends. I literally just had my hair and makeup team here. We were talking about how excited we are to wear full outfits. But I really think the long, big oversized coats have been so nice. They're really appropriate for freezing cold days like today. But they also layer really nicely. Whether you're wearing a sweat suit and an oversized jacket and sneakers - or you dress it up with boots, they can be really transferable depending on your outfit. And a good investment piece. I've definitely been finding I'm more into having fewer pieces, but really pieces that I love and will hopefully last for years, rather than fast fashion.

Reflecting back on your Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover, what was your reaction when you learned that you had gotten the cover?

KB: Kevin got to be the one that surprised me with that too. And I think now that he's given me the two biggest surprises of my life, he now knows that my face goes blank, I jump on his lap, just bury my head into his shoulders, and ask him if it's real. That's my general reaction. Shock, no tears, just shock.

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