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INTERVIEW: Celebrity Hair Stylist, Cheryl Bergamy, Talks New Line, Contents Hair Care

Sydney A. Braat

Celebrity Hair Stylist, Cheryl Bergamy launched Contents Hair Care. (Courtesy Photo)

Having a little to no commute time every day leaves extra time in your day for self-care. It has become an essential for many to keep their spirits high. Celebrity Hairstylist, Cheryl Bergamy, has you covered on your self-care journey. Cheryl has worked in the industry for over 20 years with clients such as John Legend, 50 Cent, Demi Lovato, Sierra Capri and more. After diving fully into that world, she invested in extensive studies in science and holistic health. That's when Contents Hair Care was born.

Cheryl wanted to create products for her clients that they could use as home maintenance in addition to treatments. The hair care line is all vegan and plant-based and includes the conditioning cream, leave-in conditioner, and Earth Silk Glossifyer. The products were designed to work well in all hair types for scalp care and hair growth.

I spoke with Cheryl Bergamy to learn more about this new business venture as an extension of her very success career.

Can you speak to your early moments as a hairstylist?

CB: Yes! As a child, my perception of how I look at people was very different. My mother was a fashion designer, so I remember being surrounded by beauty all the time. I was just that kid with tulips and dandelions on the brain. Where people would see the ugliness of someone or something I always saw the beauty of looking different. I never saw people as being unattractive because the word unattractive did not exist to me and it still doesn't. I see the beauty in people, places and things and that's the one thing that still ingrained in me from a child before becoming a hairstylist. I guess being in the beauty industry was my destiny.

What drew you to this career in the beginning and what continues to motivate you?

CB: When I was younger, my love was for mathematics and science. With my mother's background in fashion and my father's in agriculture I knew I was going to be in the business of healing. My parents were much older than my friend's parents, which made my parents all the more special. My love for hair started when I was nine-years-old. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and not having the strength to help my sister and I, she taught me how to braid my own hair for school. I remember practicing on all the dolls in the house and finding it to be very calming. My heart broke every day watching my mother slip away. As a result, doing hair became my therapy. Believe it or not, it made me stronger and more focused. Plus, it was very fulfilling -- as it still is today. After losing my mother, I saw myself doing hair even more. When I ran out of dolls to style, I went to my neighbors' dolls. We held birthdays for our Cabbage Patch Kids, so I would do their hair for the parties. As I got older, I began creating hair in the school hallways and for prom. It just kept growing from there.

What was the most shocking discovery you made about hair products before you launched your own brand?

CB: With all the products I have used in the last 20 years I still could not find products for textured hair that moisturize without harmful ingredients, that was multi-styling and a hair growth treatment all at the same time. That's true home maintenance to me. I'm extremely dedicated in hair care and I take it very seriously. The fact that I was not satisfied is when a light bulb turned on in my head and said Cheryl, you might as well make the products yourself - so I did.

Contents Hair Care Leave-In Conditioner and Conditioning Cream. (Courtesy Photos)

What has been the most rewarding experience about founding Contents Hair Care?

CB: Hearing the amazing responses from our clients and online customers has been the most rewarding part of this whole experience. It's confirmation that there is a purpose and I have a purpose.

What sets your products apart from others?

CB: Each one of my products is a hair treatment and can be used for multi-styling. For instance, the Contents Style & Go Leave-In Conditioning Treatment. It can be used as a curling cream, but also as a heat protector for flat ironing. For intense treatment, you can use a plastic cap and leave it on for five to ten minutes before styling. Contents Earth Silk Glossifyer can be used as a hair gloss, finisher, style refresher and hot oil treatment for dry and damage hair. You can also use it on your skin. Contents Skin & Scalp Conditioning Cream is also a treatment for hair and scalp. It helps with dry scalp, eczema and psoriasis.

Picking the right products for your hair (and body) have a stigma of being expensive, although it doesn't seem to be the case for Contents Hair Care. Was it important to you to make the products accessible to more people?

CB: Absolutely! I think it's important that everyone should have access to great quality products.

What do you hope to accomplish in the future with Contents Hair Care and as a celebrity hair stylist?

CB: I'm looking forward to making my mark by giving a different perspective on hair care. I'm working on a shampoo and conditioner, which will be out hopefully by summer 2021 - so I'm extremely excited about that. As a celebrity hairstylist, I feel like I'm just getting started. With press junkets, editorial shoots and films, I don't see myself slowing down anytime soon and I'm enjoy every minute of it. This is my purpose.

To learn more about Contents Hair Care, visit www.contentshaircare.com.

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