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INTERVIEW: A Talk With Molly Bishop, The Sag Harbor Partnership’s Inaugural Executive Director

T.J. Clemente

Molly Bishop, the Sag Harbor Partnership's inaugural Executive Director. (Courtesy Photo)

Molly Bishop, the Sag Harbor Partnership's (SHP) inaugural Executive Director, is excited about her new position. In an interview with Hamptons.com, Bishop shared her vision for the Sag Harbor Partnership moving forward. "It's really to be a partner with the village and the other community organizations to see that the whole village thrives as best as it can," she stated. "We really want to partner with the non-profits and the village to see that the projects that they have planned come to fruition."

Bishop is an experienced development, outreach and strategy consultant whose previous work experience includes the Wellness Foundation, Southampton Arts Center and Bay Street Theater, as well as numerous local political campaigns.

"I have a deep love for the area, I live off Noyac and spend a lot of time in Sag Harbor Village, it's such a special place. I have a lot of relationships with the business owners and community members - along with elected officials, so I think we can all come together to meet the village's needs," she shared.

Bishop is the thirteenth generation of her family to reside on Eastern Long Island. As such, she brings a unique long-term love for and knowledge of the villages and the history of the local population. It was announced her mandate is to propel the SHP from a successful volunteer collective into an effective non-profit organization.

Stating emphatically that she has no aspirations to ever seek an elective office, Bishop explained, "I saw first-hand how that could be a double edged sword. I have two parents who worked in the not for profit sector and that's what I want to do."

When asked who are her role models that have been influential in her life, she revealed, "I have had several: teachers, coaches, family friends, and both of my parents. If I had to pick, I'd say it would be both my parents. My mom served on the school board from the time I was in kindergarten, and was always active in the community and is still giving her time at 70-years-old. My dad too, he dedicated his whole adult life to helping others."

When asked about her dad and what made her most proud of him, now looking back, she surprisingly said it was when he decided to quit a safe long-term career in academics and run for political office (New York's 1st Congressional District). She explained he went a whole year without a salary when he decided to leave academia and run. She said it was a sacrifice to run that first campaign. However, in the end, she noted he served so wonderfully and she is proud of his service.

Molly Bishop is genuine. In the interview, she showed she has passion and knowledge - and she has a deep love for the East End, specifically Sag Harbor. She has first-hand knowledge of the deep issues the community faces, but also proudly knows the strengths of the village too. Other programs that Bishop explained the SHP has supported include: bike racks on Main Street, the Wear A Mask Project banners launched this summer, the free Sag Harbor Partnership walking tours and app, and especially the plans for the new John Steinbeck Memorial Park.

"We are good people who are going to do good things because we love and care about Sag Harbor," she concluded.

For more information about the Sag Harbor Partnership, visit www.sagharborpartnership.org.

Added: October 21, 2020, 10:20 am
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