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INTERVIEW: Matt Dukes, Usual Wines CEO & Co-Founder, On The Brandís Single-Serve Sips, Approachability, Unique Bottles And More

Nicole Barylski

This summer, those that order 12+ bottles of Usual Rosť will be treated to a limited-edition Thermal Tote Bag. (Courtesy Photo)

Usual Wines makes it super easy to rosé all day - or just for a glass - with their convenient, chic single-serve bottles. The refreshing Rosé, as well as Brut and Red, are available by monthly subscription or a one-time-order box.

This summer, those that order 12+ bottles of Usual Rosé will be treated to a limited-edition Thermal Tote Bag.

We chatted with Matt Dukes, CEO & Co-founder of Usual Wines, about the California-based sustainably-farmed wine.

Why did you decide to dub the California-based sustainably-farmed wine Usual Wine?

MD: We wanted Usual Wines to be your go-to wine/everyday wine - your "usual" glass. Because the bottles come in generous single-serve portions, there is no need to keep an open bottle for longer than a day, resulting in a fresh glass of wine every time. It also stemmed from the idea of approachability and taking the guesswork out of drinking good wine. We wanted to create a high quality, clean-ingredient wine, in other words, "your new Usual".

Usual Wine comes in such a unique bottle. Why did you settle on by-the-glass bottles and what went into the bottle's design?

MD: We created the design to be simple yet elegant, focusing on an aesthetically-pleasing geometric shape, geared toward the modern wine drinker. The bottles are 6.3 oz, portable, and easy to drink at-home or outdoors during socially-distanced occasions.

The Summer Rosé is so tasty and refreshing. Could you speak to what's in the wine?

MD: Usual Rosé is made from Syrah, Sangiovese, and Malbec grapes, featuring notes of strawberry, rose petal, and rhubarb, ideal for the hot summer months. Usual Rosé is sustainably farmed with zero sugar and minimal intervention - just grapes and sunshine. It's also free of chemicals and additives, making it the perfect option for people seeking out clean wine options.

Usual Wine also offers a Brut and Red. Are there any other varieties in the works?

MD: Currently, Usual offers subscription or one-time-order boxes of California-based sustainably-farmed Brut, Red, Rosé, and the newly-launched Brut Rosé varieties. A mixed pack is also available for $80-$96/box, as well as a Rosé Combo pack which includes a 50/50 split of still and sparkling rosé. At any time, customers are able to text Usual's own wine hotline - a personal concierge service that lets users replenish their stock via text, learn about wine, receive pairing suggestions, and more - at 415-941-0440.

Quantities: 6 Pack: $48 or $40 for Club (subscription) members; 12 Pack: $96 or $80 for Club members; 18 Pack: $144 or $120 for Club members; 24 Pack: $192 or $160 for Club members.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

MD: Usual is a DTC wine brand leading the efforts to establish a premium category for single-serve wine. We are always innovating with the modern wine-drinker in mind, aiming to create the most delicious, most sustainable and wellness-conscious wines on the market.

For more information, visit usualwines.com.

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Added: July 31, 2020, 2:35 pm
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