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INTERVIEW: ORA Founder And CEO Kim Ross On Expanding ORA’s Holistic Wellness Experience To The Hamptons

Nicole Barylski

ORA has expanded its services to the Hamptons. (Photo: Phoebe Cheong Photography)

ORA, a Manhattan-based modern acupuncture and wellness space, will be bringing their holistic wellness experience to the Hamptons this summer.

Along with a tea and tonic bar to-go, ORA will be offering a dose of zen in the comfort of clients' abodes during fully customized, at-home acupuncture treatments. We spoke with Kim Ross, Founder and CEO of ORA, about the benefits of acupuncture, expanding to the Hamptons and more.

Why expand to the Hamptons?

KR: Acupuncture isn't a quick fix, it's a practice. At ORA, we want to make sure our clients can continue their practice regardless of where they're located.

Acupuncture only works if it's a continued routine, and we want to be able to provide continued access for those that aren't able to come to our physical space but are still dedicated to their wellness journey.

There's so much connection and synergy between our Noho location and the Hamptons, we feel it's a natural fit that many of our clients will find seamless and comfortable welcoming into their homes away from home.

While we had to adjust our strategy to fit the digital space during COVID, we are excited to expand into new territories and to reach new client bases outside of Manhattan itself.

Could you speak to ORA's mission?

KR: ORA was founded with the intent to help people heal in an inclusive, highly premium and private space. The perfect combination between the ancient healing art of Chinese medicine and the luxury of a modern spa, ORA dedicates itself to providing the gold standard of acupuncture in a modern, approachable setting.

ORA is also dedicated to educating practices of traditional Chinese medicine via digital initiatives including hosted webinars, interviews, expert speakers, and tailored content on ORA's blog, The Point.

What services and wellness options will the East End expansion offer?

KR: We'll be offering at-home services for the first time which is incredibly exciting, and will allow for further comfort and ease for clients within their own space. Similar to the physical shop in Noho, ORA @ Home will be highly customized and premium. Guests will be able to select their own music, personalized aromatherapy scent, a post-treatment tonic, and the option to include cupping, gua sha, or reflexology in their session.

In addition, our custom tonics -- that have medicinal, superfood benefits that aid in immunity, anti-aging, and detoxing to name a few -- will be available to taste throughout the East End.

Providing a kickstart or bookend to treatments, or simply for starting the day on the right foot, ORA tonic flights will be available for delivery or as part of @ Home services.

Does ORA have a location in the Hamptons - or is it just at-home services?

KR: For now ORA will be offering at-home services for those unable to come to our space in NoHo. That being said, ORA is actively looking for a space to call home in the Hamptons to continue our world class services for clients outside the city.

What are some of the benefits of acupuncture?

KR: Acupuncture helps to balance the system and increase blood flow and circulation making the body less susceptible to inflammation and other stressors on your body.

One of the things I personally find so unique about acupuncture is while you may be going for a chronic health concern (ie constipation, back pain, stress, etc), acupuncture can treat your whole body as well as your mind. Physically acupuncture can boost your immune system, give you more energy and release endorphins throughout your body. It helps regulate serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine. It can help with pain management, stress and anxiety, stomach disorders, gynecology/fertility, and immunity -- which is key at a time like this.

ORA's services are customized to the individual and what they're dealing with on any given day -- for example, hormonal issues, stress, and bloating can be treated all in one session. It's the ultimate healing inside and out.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

KR: We understand if you're not 100% comfortable with the outside world just yet, so should you prefer to practice virtually, ORA is offering sessions with our trained acupuncturist online to take the pressure off. ORA is also offering an array of helpful tools including cupping materials, ear seeds, and body magnets that can be used with meditation, acupressure, and more. ORA also sells teas that can be prepared at home, as well as at-home tonic recipes.

Appointments can be made here, and items can be purchased for use here.

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