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INTERVIEW: Per Skarstedt On Skarstedt Gallery’s New Hamptons Outpost

Nicole Barylski

Skarstedt Gallery is located at 66 Newtown Lane in East Hampton. (Courtesy Photo)

Swedish gallerist Per Skarstedt has expanded Skarstedt Gallery's presence to the Hamptons. Skarstedt Gallery, which highlights contemporary European and American artists, already has locations in London and Manhattan, and in June, an outpost debuted in East Hampton.

We caught up with Skarstedt about the latest gallery, summer features, and more.

What drew you to East Hampton?

PS: A number of our clients are spending the summer here so we thought - why not bring the art to them?

A piece by Williem de Kooning. (Courtesy Photo)

What will summer at the Skarstedt Gallery East Hampton outpost bring?

PS: We've put together a strong collection of works that would have been shown in Basel, including works by Willem de Kooning, Eric Fischl, KAWS, Martin Kippenberger, Barbara Kruger, Albert Oehlen, Richard Prince, David Salle, Cindy Sherman, Andy Warhol, Rebecca Warren and Christopher Wool.

Two paintings that I would like to highlight are: Eric Fischl's new painting, Like Explaining the End of the World to a Dog, is an exceptional example from one of the great figurative painters working today. In his allegorical painting, Fischl captures the extraordinary in an everyday moment -- a melancholy moment with an almost spiritual power but which we can nonetheless imagine the artist witnessing on a Long Island beach. Another of my favorites is the Kippenberger from the Krieg Böse series, which pits several of Kippenberger's iconic symbols -- the warship, the canary and the Christmas gnome -- against each other.

Many of the featured artists have ties to the Hamptons. (Courtesy Photo)

With the East End home to a thriving community of artists, will the Gallery be highlighting any local talents?

PS: All of the painters in the front room of the current exhibition -- de Kooning, Prince, Fischl and Salle -- have [or had] studios in the Hamptons.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

PS: We are excited to be in East Hampton. Our clients are eager to view artworks in person again.

Skarstedt Gallery will be open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., as well as on Monday by appointment. The Gallery will welcome a maximum of ten guests at a time and gallery-goers must don a mask. For those without one, masks will be available at the front desk.

Skarstedt Gallery is located at 66 Newtown Lane in East Hampton. For more information, visit www.skarstedt.com.

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