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INTERVIEW: DanceBody Founder Katia Pryce On The Dance-Inspired Workout, Summer In The Hamptons, And More

Nicole Barylski

Katia Pryce, the founder and CEO of DanceBody. (Courtesy Photo)

DanceBody will once again provide the chance to get those endorphins flowing by dancing it out.

We caught up with Katia Pryce, the founder and CEO of DanceBody, to learn about the dance-inspired classes - which counts Molly Sims as a fan, summer in the Hamptons, and more.

Tell us about DanceBody's summer presence in the Hamptons.

KP: I couldn't be happier to bring DanceBody to The Hamptons for our seventh summer season - most especially this year! Right now we are offering small group training outdoors and private/semi-private sessions in home. Because the weather is nice, we're able to see our clients in person outside and share with them what they have really been missing - good human to human energy! We are here in full force until Labor Day, as Long Island is more open than NYC at this point! To sign up or ask for more information, please email scheduling@dancebody.com.

For those unfamiliar with DanceBody's dance-inspired classes, could you speak about what workouts entail?

KP: If you are new to DanceBody, and don't qualify yourself as a "dancer" - you're in good company! Most of our clients don't consider themselves dancers, but after the first few minutes of class, they realized they don't have to be! All our dance cardio moves repeat enough so that you can get the hang of it without stopping to break it down or lose your sweat - simply follow along, and stay with the pack! You will see moves like jumping jacks and grapevines, plus traditional strength training moves like planks, burpees, and lunges. You get it all done within one hour. Let's just say we leave no muscle untouched, and we like really good music. You will be drenched with sweat plus feel tightened and toned after your experience - top that off with a huge smile and energy for the rest of the day. To read more about our class descriptions, visit www.dancebody.com.

Eventually, once permitted, what will group classes look like?

KP: Although they will be a reduced capacity - not much different! The great thing about DanceBody is that the most important piece of equipment is YOU! Whether you working out at home or in person with us, equipment is not necessarily required to get a great workout. For group classes, expect no equipment, socially distanced spacing, staggered class times, and wearing a mask upon entry and exit - but NOT during the actual workout.

Since gym-goers can't attend in person classes at the moment, what advice would you offer people to keep motivated?

KP: Start a program! This will keep you motivated and accountable daily, as opposed to having a couple great days and then losing steam. We just recently launched 4 different 30 day programs on our app, DanceBody LIVE: DanceBody, SculptBody, UpperBody, and LowerBody. All with separate focuses, you can find the program that most applies to your goals by taking our introductory quiz here.

What digital fitness DanceBody offerings are currently available?

KP: DanceBody LIVE is our LIVE + On Demand streaming app that you can access from anywhere! You can even stream it from your smart TV. Expect to find daily LIVE classes streamed from both NYC and The Hamptons, included in the subscription membership at $34.99/month. We also have several different programs that you can rent to cater to your specific goals: Dancer Abs, PreNatal Program, 30 Day Programs, and even DanceBody Kids!

We also offer Virtual Private Sessions and Private Parties - this has been a huge hit! A great way to keep you moving and seeing your friends. Email scheduling@dancebody.com to inquire. Sessions starting at $85/hr.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

KP: As a small business owner going through a shutdown in NYC, I was unsure whether or not committing to coming to the Hamptons this year was the right choice. However, I'm so glad I trusted my intuition here! As we all guessed, NYC has been very slow to reopen, and with the future of gyms in a phased reopening being unknown, it makes it even more crucial for us to diversify our offerings.

The people we've been able to workout with in person in The Hamptons have a smile from ear to ear - we just can't believe we are working out together after being quarantined for so long! The positive energy you get from moving with each other, as we all realized during this pandemic, is simply irreplaceable. Working out from home was a necessity, now working out together is a luxury! I look forward to finally being able to see all our amazing clients I've missed this summer, in person. There is NO app good enough for that!

Most people still need to set up their home gym, or would like to bring their own equipment to their sessions: Check out our DanceBody Shop.

For more information about DanceBody, visit www.dancebody.com.

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