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Sixty-Something: Some Hamptons Summer Takeout Picnic Locations

T.J. Clemente

Louse Point provides a scenic backdrop. (Photo: TJ Clemente)

Normally every new summer season one might think of new restaurants to visit in the Hamptons, but with coronavirus that's just not going to happen this year - yet. However, with so many purchasing takeout from the assortment of the restaurants offering this service it is time to think, why not do a series of Hamptons summer takeout picnics at some cool locations?

Picnicking has become a lost art form. The days of making chicken salad sandwiches and things like that to eat with the family at a local park just are not what it once was. Back in the day most folks had a picnic set, sort of a family traveling picnic suitcase that carried all that was needed to the location. However, it is easy to make a makeshift case with blanket, tablecloth, plastic glasses, and perhaps normal kitchen utensils if you are not into plastic. With the sophistication of packaging of most upscale takeout restaurants are doing during coronavirus not that much packing is needed.

One location is Camp Hero, located right before the Montauk Lighthouse, because it has both free parking in the evening and a phenomenal view from up on the bluffs. Folks love to look out at the ocean and watch the fishing boats come in and go out. If the waves are right there might also be some great surfing going on. You will need to bring either a big blanket or your own chairs because there are no picnic tables and chairs. The upside? There is plenty of room to safe space. No parking stickers are needed after 6PM.

In Springs, Louse Point Beach, a town parking sticker is needed - as is a blanket and chairs, but again there is plenty of space to move about and set up safely. The views of Gardiner's Island or the wetlands around East Harbor are fantastic as are the sunsets. Many folks have been evening picnicking here even when the restaurants were open and no one ever heard of coronavirus.

All ocean beaches in all the towns are excellent to picnic if you can successfully deal with the sand factor. Most seasoned Hamptonites, along with summer visitors can. But, if you can't, the many bay beaches tend to have more fields and less sand. Again, beach stickers are mandatory.

Two favorites spots along Gardiner's Bay would be around Sammy's Beach, in the North West Woods, and Maidstone Park in Springs. Both locations already are favorite picnic sites, but they are extremely spacious and finding a secluded slot is not difficult. Again, town beach stickers are mandatory.

In Southampton, perhaps picnicking near Conscious Point off North Sea Road is worth a shot one evening. If you have never been there, it is so worth the short walk from the free parking available.

A very special place to picnic with no beach pass needed is along Ram Island Drive on Shelter Island. This ultimate Shelter Island road has water views on each side. With a great view of Bug Lighthouse on the Orient Harbor and Gardiner's Bay on one side and scenic views of Shanty Bay and Coecles Harbor on the other side. This is a must visit road on Shelter Island picnic or no picnic!

In Water Mill, perhaps setting up on the green around the Corwith Grist might be charming if you don't mind seeing the traffic. Even with lots of cars whizzing by it is a charming lawn to set up on.

The idea here is not to just eat the takeout at home in your kitchen, but to get outside and enjoy the amazing summertime in the Hamptons experience with a touch of Americana. After all, when was the last time you said, "Let's do a picnic?"

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