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Hoplite Club: A Hamptons Fitness And Wellness Community For Kids

T.J. Clemente

Hoplite Club CEO Glenn Raff and Director of Programing Matt Scheff. (Courtesy Photo)

The goal of Hoplite Club CEO and Co-founder Glenn Raff and Matt Scheff, Director of Programming, is an ahead of the curve, forward thinking, innovative vision about creating a premier fitness and wellness community for kids. Their aim, through Hoplite Club, is to make each youngster their best self in a space that celebrates each individual child. It will be so much more than just a workout. It will also be at the child's own home.

The original plan before the Coronavirus pandemic was for the program to make its debut in NYC with Hoplite Home bringing their expertise to the front door. Like everything else, due to COVID-19 those plans needed modifications.

Scheff, who worked at a prestigious Maine summer camp [Camp Laurel] for almost a decade, explained, "We'll help find the right coach for the youngsters and then get them started on the Hoplite Program, a fitness program designed and developed specifically for kids."

He continued, "The plan is for the coaches to come to the private home for 1-on-1 or 1-on-2 sessions that will have the kids feeling their best both mentally and physically!"

Raff elaborated, "We are detailing plans on doing a two week kids pilot program in the Hamptons this summer (if summer camp is cancelled). Socially distanced. Of course." I asked will this be a white glove program? Raff replied, "Exactly." His vision has Hoplite Club next expanding into "California, specifically around L.A. Then Chicago. Then all over the US."

Another part of the overall plan will be Hoplite Nutrition - with Hoplite's team of nutritionists and dietitians coming to your kitchen to work with your child (ages 6-16) to educate them about nutrition and make healthy eating fun! Hoplite's leadership believes fitness and nutrition work hand-in-hand and they want to make sure the Hoplite Community is "always ready to be at their best!"

The uncertainty of summer sleep-away camps due to the Coronavirus is making a concrete business plan of action difficult. At the moment, Hoplite Club is doing free 4 p.m. virtual recess workouts for kids Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during quarantine - on Instagram @hopliteclub.

Both Raff and Scheff sang the praises of Jeremy Strom, who will provide Hoplite Clubers with the same top-level fitness programs he currently provides all over the world. He coaches, trains, and empowers young adults of all age groups to experience their own magnificence and manage their creative change. They said Strom's greatest contribution to the fitness world is his intuitive ability to inspire and empower kids to truly rise above their perceived limitations and create their own success stories. Strom's travels have taken him to 50 countries on 5 continents - where he has trained fitness professionals, professional athletes, national teams, and on multiple military bases. He has also trained prime ministers, princes, and dignitaries. His approach has been adapted in private schools across Singapore and the Philippines, as well as youth development programs in Central and South America, and Europe.

Ruff noted, "When parents and Hopliters meet Jeremy for the first time, they get a sense of calm coupled with a 'let's do this' attitude. Strom will train and groom all Hoplite coaches to work at each child's individual confidence and fitness levels, to help them reach their ultimate mental and physical potential."

The plan is go to private individual homes located throughout the Hamptons and do on location, high level training designed for each child.

Scheff advised, "Go to our website, hopliteclub.com, to get more information and to sign up for our newsletter, and also if you have an interest for your kids. We are aiming at kids (boys and girls) from six-years old to sixteen-years old, but nothing is etched in stone yet." Raff added, "We haven't yet put a final price per child on the private Hamptons service. It may depend on time, frequency, age and things like that."

It's definitely a new choice to help create a better atmosphere and environment around the house for the kids. It may be the answer to a safe socially distanced path for kids to have fun safely, get stronger and enjoy the summer of 2020. Glenn Raff thinks it will radically alter the way kids train for success later in life while having fun being kids!

Added: May 13, 2020, 1:15 pm
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