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Long Island-Based Hospitalís Donation Drive Nets More Than 200,000 PPE, Nearly 5,000 Comfort Care Items, And More - In Just Over Two Weeks

Nicole Barylski

Comfort items donated for the medical staff and patients. (Courtesy Photo)

Stony Brook University Hospital launched its Coronavirus (COVID-19) donation program on March 20 and the response from the Long Island community has been overwhelming.

The donation response team is being led by Joan Dickinson, Director of Stony Brook University Community Relations; Colby Rowe, Stony Brook Medicine Trauma Center Educator and EMS Outreach Coordinator; and Scott LaMarsh, Building Manager for the Charles B. Wang Center. The group and their team have been connecting with donors, arranging donations and shipments, organizing the materials, and finally, dispensing the items.

"It's been great to see the community come together. These donations are more than a great support for the hospital; they empower donors to be part of the solution," said Joan Dickinson, Stony Brook University Community Relations Director.

During a two-week period, the donation response teams received 2,200 emails, 415 donor phone calls, and 275 video messages, which led to 140 scheduled donation drop offs and receiving 50 shipments of materials. Through the outpouring of support, the Hospital procured 201,959 pieces of PPE - including N95 3M 1860 masks and other masks, protective eyewear, goggles, gloves, and face shields, including 3D-printed frames, 4,793 comfort care items, 232 iPads, 65 food deliveries, and equipment, including ventilators.

Comfort care items donated for staff included food through the SBUH Meal Train, water and beverages; hand lotion, dry shampoo, tissue packs, antibacterial wipes, Chapstick; liquid hand soap (pump jars/bottles preferred), hand sanitizer, Lysol and Clorox wipes; snacks, gum, candy, cough drops; stress balls, fidget spinners, aromatherapy masks; and video messages of support, while comfort care items for patients encompassed items such as puzzles, coloring pages and pencils; blank books and pens; socks, earplugs, sleep masks; notebooks, pens, pencils, and sharpeners.

The donation drive will continue through at least April.

And the community isn't the only ones answering the call to action. Stony Brook University's iCreate Lab has been busy assembling hundreds of 3D-printed face shields. So far, 1,600 have been delivered to the Hospital. The Department of Chemistry has also joined the efforts, producing nearly 100 gallons of hand sanitizer for campus use.

All donation drop offs must be scheduled in advance. To do so, contact Joan Dickinson at COVID19donations@stonybrook.edu or call 631-219-0603.

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