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INTERVIEW: Whitney Tingle + Danielle Duboise On The Sakara Life Podcast

Nicole Barylski

Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle. (Courtesy Photo)

On Tuesday, March 24, organic meal delivery + lifestyle brand Sakara Life dropped the first six episodes of the new The Sakara Life Podcast. Episodes, which will cover a myriad of topics, will be released on Tuesdays.

We caught up with Whitney Tingle + Danielle Duboise, Sakara Life Co-Founders and Co-CEOs, to learn more:

What inspired the podcast launch?

WT + DD: We built this business with a single mission in mind: to help as many people as possible experience deep and vibrant health through the power of plants as medicine. There are many that share our belief that our lifestyle choices —the foods we eat, the thoughts we think, and the people we surround ourselves with—impact who we are and who we will become. As part of our mission to help people, we decided to share the conversations and opinions of other experts with the hope that we can all learn how to shine our lights a little brighter. We believe everyone has a right to understand how daily decisions impact our happiness, and that knowledge is power. We went into production back in November, long before COVID-19 was a reality, but now believe more than ever our community needs our support more than ever.

What guests have you welcomed and who will you chat with in the future?

WT + DD: Our first featured guest is Jessica Alba, and we have other amazing guests in the lineup including Arianna Huffington, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Aviva Romm, Gabby Bernstein and more.

What topics will they touch upon?

WT + DD: We are touching on a range of topics, everything from motherhood, hormones, outer space, sensuality, psychic intuition, sleep and productivity, poetry, why organic matters, and of course, nutrition. Additionally, the new podcast will cover more heady topics, including nutrigenomics, epigenetics, and quantum physics into the mainstream in an accessible, engaging way.

What do you hope people will take away?

WT + DD: Our main goal with the podcast is the same as when we started the company years ago - to educate our community on how nutrition and lifestyle choices can truly save and change lives. We want to inspire joy and curiosity in our listeners by providing the top experts and thought leaders' advice and learnings through their own life experiences and knowledge in their given field.

Is Sakara Life working on any other new programming/products?

WT + DD: We are very excited to focus on the launch of the podcast, and continuing to provide the highest quality of all our offerings, from plant-based meals to snacks to insightful conversations. We also just launched a first-of-its-kind Beauty Nutrition program with famed skincare innovator Dr. Barbara Sturm, which features Sakara's Signature Nutrition Program and her own anti-inflammatory SturmGlow™ bowl alongside skincare essentials from both brands. Stay tuned for more as we approach the summertime!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

WT + DD: Our biggest priority right now is continuing to serve our customers nationwide with our nutritive meals and immunity-boosting products -- while the podcast provides uplifting conversations to support our community during this time at home.

For more information, visit www.sakara.com.

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Added: March 30, 2020, 12:09 pm
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