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Raise A Glass To National Margarita Day With These Tequila Infused Sips

Nicole Barylski

The Nocturnal Burn. (Courtesy Photo)

Have a case of the winter blues? National Margarita Day falls on Saturday, February 22, so whip up a summery sip and let the countdown to summer commence - because in addition to National Margarita Day, it's also officially 100 days until summer.

The Nocturnal Burn: (Created by @highproofpreacher)

 • 2 oz. Volcán De Mi Tierra Cristalino infused with roasted Cacao Nibs
 • 3/4 oz. Ancho Chili Liqueur
 • 3/4 oz. Sweet Vermouth
 • 2 dashes Orange Bitters
 • 1 dash Aromatic Bitters
 • Flamed Orange Peel, for garnish

Directions: Combine ingredients in a mixing glass and stir with ice. Strain into a chilled coupe. Cut a thick swath of orange peel and briefly heat it with a match. Squeeze the peel over the match flame directly over the drink, igniting the citrus oils. Then garnish with the orange peel.

Partida Spicy Margarita:

 • 2 oz. of Partida Blanco
 • 1 oz. of Lime Juice
 • 2 slices of Jalapeño (more for garnish)
 • 2 tsp of Granulated Stevia
 • Lime Wheel, for garnish

Directions: Slice the Jalapeno pepper, put into the cocktail shaker and muddle. Add the ice, lime juice, sweetner and tequila. Shake and strain into a glass over ice. Garnish with lime and jalapeno.

Chamucos Classic Margarita:

 • 1 1/2 oz. Chamucos Blanco
 • 3/4 oz. Agave Nectar
 • 3/4 oz. Water
 • Juice of 1 fresh-squeezed Lime
 • Lime Wheel, for garnish

Directions: Shake, strain over fresh ice. Garnish with a lime wheel.

Bribón Jalapeño Avocado Margarita:

 • 4 oz. Bribón Blanco
 • 2 oz. Agave Nectar (cut 50/50 with water)
 • 2 oz. Fresh squeezed Lime Juice
 • 1/2 Avocado, peeled and mashed
 • 2 slices Jalapeño
 • 2 Cilantro Sprigs, plus extra for garnish
 • Lime Wheels, for garnish
 • 1 cup Ice, plus extra for serving

Directions: Place ripe avocado, cilantro, and jalapeño slices in a cocktail shaker. Muddle ingredients until thoroughly mashed. Add remaining ingredients to the shaker and shake vigorously. Strain the cocktail into two rocks glasses filled with ice, and garnish with remaining cilantro sprigs and lime wheels.

The Sparkling Fox: (Created by Cassandra Rosen, Tussock Jumper Wines)

Serves 4-6

 • 1 750-ml bottle Tussock Jumper Prosecco, chilled
 • 4 oz. Cointreau
 • 12 oz. freshly squeezed Lime Juice
 • 6 Lime Wheels, for garnish
 • 8 oz. Comisario Tequila Blanco
 • 4 oz. Simple Syrup
 • Coarse Salt, for rim

Directions: Mix the lime juice, tequila, Cointreau and simple syrup in a pitcher. Stir if you prefer it on the rocks, pour into a blender with ice for frozen. Pour the salt on a small plate. Moisten the rim of your glass with lime, and dip the glass in the salt. Fill the glasses with ice (if rocks), then fill them 1/2 full with the tequila mixture. Top glasses with Tussock Jumper Prosecco, garnish with lime wheels, serve.

Tanteo Tequila Golden Company Margarita:

 • 1 1/2 oz. Tanteo® Blanco Tequila
 • 3/4 oz. Ginger Liqueur
 • 1/2 oz. Turmeric Simple Syrup
 • 1 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
 • Lemon Wedge, for garnish
 • Ginger Slice, for garnish

Directions: Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice Shake well and strain into an ice-filled Rocks Glass Garnish with a lemon wedge and a ginger slice.

Cincoro Margarita:

 • 2 oz. Cincoro Blanco Tequila
 • 1 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
 • 3/4 oz. Cointreau
 • 1/4 oz. Agave Nectar
 • Lime Wheel, for garnish

Directions: Shake all ingredients with ice and strain over fresh ice in a Double Old-Fashioned glass.


 • 2oz. IZO Mezcal
 • 1 Lime, juiced
 • 1/2 oz. Triple Sec
 • Lime Wheel, for garnish

Directions: Salt the rim, garnish with lime.

Snow White Coconut Patrón Margarita:

 • 3 oz. Patrón Silver
 • 1.5 oz. Patrón Citrónge Orange
 • 1 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
 • 1.5 oz. Coconut Cream
 • 1.5 oz. Coconut Milk

Directions: Add ingredients to shaker with ice and shake hard to chill and combine. Strain onto fresh ice in a rocks glass.

Nicole is the Editor-in-Chief of Hamptons.com where she focuses on lifestyle, nightlife, and mixology. She grew up in the Hamptons and currently resides in Water Mill. www.hamptons.com NicoleBarylski NicoleBarylski

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