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NYC Mission Society Community Thanksgiving Dinner Hosted By Jean Shafiroff

Lee Fryd

Nearly 400 in the community came. (Photo: Paul Bruinooge/PMC)

For neighbors who may not be lucky enough to have a real Thanksgiving dinner, Mission Society of New York City had one catered. Board members, staff, alumni and volunteers decorated their Minisink gym, set up tables and served turkey dinner with all the fixings, last Wednesday, at their annual Fall Harvest Feast. Nearly 400 in the community came.

It was made possible by Mission Society Board members, Jean Shafiroff, who once again underwrote the catered dinner, and Jay Moorehead.

"This is such a special, joyful event for me," Shafiroff told us. "Serving these lovely people and sharing Thanksgiving with them is a great honor. It was a very happy night for all of us on either side of the buffet table."

"It's a big feast, including turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing, corn, collard and other greens, cornbread, fruit salad, all sorts of cakes, pecan and pumpkin pies."

It's an open invitation to the neighborhood. "There are young people, old people, families and people without families," said Shafiroff. "Most live at or below the poverty level, deserving yet underserved."

"They are invited for seconds and thirds. We have containers so they can take food home. Whatever is left over, we donate to a nearby homeless shelter."

Missy Moorehead, Jean Shafiroff, Jay Moorehead, and Elsie McCabe Thompson. (Photo: Paul Bruinooge/PMC)

"Many of our neighbors struggle to put food on their tables, and this event ensures they have a warm meal and plenty of food to bring home," Mission Society President, Elsie McCabe Thompson said.

One of New York's oldest charities, Mission Society has been a part of New York City's history for over 200 years, supporting the underserved youth and families of New York City to end multigenerational poverty through innovative and engaging educational programs. Since Mission's founding in 1812, over 6.5 million New Yorkers have been impacted by their life-changing opportunities. Mission constantly reimagines the urban learning landscape, and promotes academic achievement, sustainable career-building, and community enrichment. Today, 4,500 young people and parents avail themselves to their education and career readiness programs and counseling at their flagship building on Malcolm X Boulevard and 12 public school programs in Harlem, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Chinatown.

For more information, visit missionsociety.org.

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