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INTERVIEW: Wanted DOA Lead Singer Rich Figurido About The Bon Jovi Tribute Bandís First Bay Street Show And More

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Wanted DOA is headlining at Bay Street for the first time. (Courtesy Photo)

Boston-based Rich Figurido is the lead singer of Wanted DOA. In a brief talk with Hamptons.com, Figurido relayed, "We are about the music." He went on to explain how important music is to him when we spoke about the upcoming Wanted DOA Bay Street Theater show on Saturday, October 5.

For the very few who might not understand, Wanted DOA comes from the mega Bon Jovi hit single, Wanted Dead or Alive.

The group first formed in 2015 with the goal of capturing both the studio and live aspects of the songs and to really hone in on the essence of Bon Jovi. Many believe first and foremost tribute bands are all about the music - working the vocal harmonies, guitar and keyboard sounds, and most importantly the lead vocals. Figurido said, "To be a good Bon Jovi tribute, you need to sound as much like Jon as possible!"

His music path has been sort of traditional - starting with the usual teen garage bands and evolving into a slick professional act exciting their weekly audiences.

Figurido's first instrument was "a huge Pearl Drum set, with a double-bass that my dad bought me." He still has the essence of the kit in storage, "Although I gave some of it to the son of a friend."

In early bands, Figurido sang as he played the drums, but he set the drums up sideways not the usually straight forward like Ringo Starr did with The Beatles. However, eventually his ability to sing brought him up to the role as a lead singer. "At first, it was tough standing in front, I didn't have my drums to hide behind," he shared. "I sang a lot of Journey songs back then."

About the show at Bay Street, Figurido is excited! "I've never been to Bay Street Theater, but all I have heard is they have great smart audiences, great acoustics and wonderful layered seating," he noted. "The show will include all the great Bon Jovi hits. I know it's going to be great."

When I asked had he ever met Bon Jovi he said, "Not yet, but maybe he can come to the show!"

Upon hearing that Jon Bon Jovi had a summer residence in East Hampton and owned a part of the Blue Parrot, Figurido hinted he might have to take a pilgrimage to both.

He explained that the sentiment of Bon Jovi's music hits home and no matter the age group, their music is iconic and recognizable to the masses. As one of history's most successful music acts, with over 130 million RIAA certified sales and countless awards, it's no wonder there are countless acts looking to pay tribute to this legendary group. However, he proudly believes Wanted DOA truly captures the authenticity of what Bon Jovi's music is all about.

The concert will commence at 8 p.m. Tickets are $35. This show just might be the first of many more at Bay Street.

Bay Street Theater is located at 1 Bay Street in Sag Harbor. For more information, call 631-725-9500 or visit www.baystreet.org.

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