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INTERVIEW: Noah Doyle And Lauren Doyle On The 2019 North Fork TV Festival

T.J. Clemente

Lauren and Noah Doyle founded the North Fork TV Festival. (Courtesy Photo)

Husband and wife, Noah and Lauren Doyle are both "excited and proud" about their upcoming 4th annual North Fork TV Festival. It is a two-day event taking place on Friday, October 4 and Saturday, October 5.

The North Fork TV Festival is a celebration featuring screenings, panels, and parties that commemorate the future of independent scripted television by gathering buyers and sellers in the global marketplace and providing an accessible platform for emerging creators. Held annually at the historic Greenport Theatre, in Greenport, New York, the Festival curates independent pilots, hosts industry discussions, and honors distinguished innovators in television.

The Doyles shared their insights about creating the Festival and the evolving importance of television networking and the new emerging paths for creating pilot shows that might find their way on to mainstream television in avenues that did not exist a decade or so.

Most importantly, they want public participation and support for the North Fork TV Festival because they believe the Festival is going to have a breakout year in 2019 because it will be offering a high level of expertise participation on panels, along with two full days of programming, with lots of options for those interested in learning about or participating in the future of TV programming.

Noah was very forthcoming, saying, "At the core of what we are trying to do with the Festival is give emerging artists an opportunity to be discovered." He explained that before this Festival to be discovered, "One had to get on a plane and go to L.A. We, Lauren and myself, wanted to do something local for these artists. This year we believe we are reaching critical mass where the industry is beginning to pay attention." He noted, "Four years ago, we were pulling teeth to get submissions of TV pilots, this year we had dozens of very high-quality submissions."

Lauren added, "The Festival is supporting people and their ideas and their passions for putting an idea together and putting it in a way everyone can see it so the world can take notice."

So I asked why should the public come to the Festival? Lauren said, "It's an amazing opportunity for interested people to get a chance to see and witness where episodic TV is going and how it's developed." Then Noah added, "On a very granular level. We are going to be premiering TV pilots and there is nowhere else in the world to see them." They also mentioned they are putting together a phenomenal panel of experts to discuss this topic, give opinions and take questions.

Noah mentioned one interesting pilot explaining that "with a science and technology theme titled, Distemper, it was picked by The Alfred Sloan Foundation team and actually a Stony Brook undergrad wrote it and then established industry actors filmed it. It's being presented Friday evening at 7 p.m. It has to do with the 1918 cure of what was then called 'The Sleeping Sickness.' It has twist and turns in it, including corruption. I enjoyed it so much. I hope as many folks as possible can get there Friday evening at 7 o'clock to see it."

Kelsey Grammer will also be honored as this year's Canopy Award at the Festival on October 4th at the Greenport Theatre. "We are truly grateful for Kelsey Grammer's exceptional contributions to the entertainment community," said Noah. "We are beyond delighted to honor him and deeply appreciate his enthusiasm for convening our community around the future of independent scripted television."

When asked why they founded the festival, Noah said, "Because that is what Lauren and I are passionate about, we love watching TV on Sunday nights and some of the cultural trends we are seeing is the TV business has clearly overtaken the film business."

Lauren closed by mentioning, "Claudio's, which is an iconic Greenport establishment with its new dynamic ownership, is hosting our opening night party and Green Hill Kitchen (48 Front Street, Greenport), which is leading the new foodie scene on the North Fork, is hosting our Saturday night party!"

For more information, visit www.northfork.tv.

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