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The Bevy Co-Founders Offer Advice On Finding Love In The Hamptons

Nicole Barylski

Greta Tufvesson and Nikki Lewis. (Courtesy Photo)

Has it been a lustless summer? If you're hoping that the weeks leading up to Labor Day will bring long-lasting love, Nikki Lewis and Greta Tufvesson, co-founders of The Bevy, an intensely personal matchmaking service that has a 95 percent success rate and handpicks and vets qualified candidates, has offered a few tips on finding a soul mate in the Hamptons.

"There's no better way to find long-lasting love than in the last few weeks of summer out east. Put yourself out there and head to some of our favorite spots for a romantic sunset," Lewis and Tufvesson said. "Our absolute favorites are Sunset Beach, Le Bilboquet, Crow's Nest, and Moby's. While it's a bittersweet farewell to the summer, it's a memorable stamp that will bring your budding relationship back to the city effortlessly."

For those traveling back to the city, don't be in a rush to get back. "The final drive back to the city is the most memorable - so why not pack in some stops along the way? Whether you have a date in tow or are looking for a final connection, here are your final pit stops. Stop by Round Pond for your final basket of produce - you're not going to get that quality at Whole Foods," the duo shared. "Bring a cooler - we have more stops! Drop by Estia's for your final coffee and brunch. Continue towards Wölffer for a last glass of rosé and some live music. Once the clock strikes 4 p.m., we've got to make haste. Get yourself to Canal Café for your 'last supper,' and be back on the highway by 6."

And, if you find someone special during those last fleeting moments of summer, the duo has some advice. "You've had yourself another summer to remember at the beach. Reality is setting in that you need to get back to the city, and back to work. But use this as an exciting way to test out a budding relationship," Lewis and Tufvesson concluded. "The first few weeks back in the city are exciting and energetic - use that to your advantage and give your new relationship a real shot at success. Beckon back to your outdoor finesse by sitting anywhere al fresco in the West Village and recreate special moments together.

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Added: August 20, 2019, 1:34 pm
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