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Bill Wackermann: Best Of The Hamptons

A surfer at Wiborg Beach. (Courtesy Photo)

Bill Wackermann is the Chief Executive Officer of Wilhelmina Models. In his role, Wackermann oversees the company's core modeling business, leads the brand's growth into new categories and serves on its Board of Directors. As a long-time resident of The Hamptons, Bill shares his favorite places to wine, dine and relax with Hamptons.com.

Bill Wackermann in The Hamptons with his partner, Chris Heyn. (Courtesy Photo)

Best Meal: Botswick's Chowder House:

I love Botswick's. It's casual, you can wear flip flops, and the food is incredible -- they have the most amazing lobster rolls, hot dogs, fries and soft serve ice cream. There are so many fancy places to go in The Hamptons, but fancy does not always mean best. There's always a line--when you make something great, people come. 

Best Shopping: Ryland Life

For men's fashion, there's a new store in Sag Harbor called Ryland Life. We really needed a good men's store in The Hamptons. It's full of cute shorts, cashmere sweaters, swim trunks, candles and gift items. 

Best Home Activity: Relaxing Poolside

I bought my current property about five years ago and renovated it, including adding a pool. There's nothing like pool time-- first thing in the morning or at the end of the day after being at the beach--get in the pool, get the suntan lotion off you, have friends over, have a cocktail. In the fall, I keep the pool open as long as I can and use the outside hot tub, as well. 

Tasty tacos from Bostwick's Chowder House. (Courtesy Photo)

Best Night Out: Dinner Party

The biggest party I've done was a seated long table for 40. In my opinion, people spend way too much time focusing on the flowers and the table settings. While I appreciate those things, I think the alchemy of people is more important. I've been to bad parties in chic settings that are terrible because people don't know each other or would never hang out otherwise. After getting the guest list right, then you can add great settings or the signature cocktail.

Ryland Life's storefront in Sag Harbor. (Courtesy Photo)

Best Beach: Wiborg

I go to the beach every day, regardless of the season. I like to do sun salutations--you stand there and let each wave bring positive reinforcement and energy. I enjoy Wiborg Beach in East Hampton. There's no lifeguard or changing room, it's small and intimate. It's the place to go if you want to see surfers or want privacy. I also frequent Two Mile Hollow Beach in East Hampton. I've been lucky enough to travel and I think the beaches in The Hamptons are the most beautiful in the world. I feel very lucky to call it home.

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