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Hamptons Gardens, A 350 Year Legacy

Originally Posted: June 18, 2004

Since the late nineteenth century, gardens in the Hamptons have inspired numerous artists including Alfred Thomas Bricher, Mary Nimmo Moran, Childe Hassam, Fairfield Porter, Jane Freilicher, Jennifer Bartlett, and Chuck Close. Many of their unpublished works, along with vintage photographs and new photography by Evelene Wechsler, lead us on a sumptuous tour through the East End's coveted gardens in Hamptons Gardens: A 350-Year Legacy.

Among the nationally renowned gardens profiled in this lavish book are The Woodhouse Garden, Gray Gardens, the Gerson Leiber Garden, Alfonso Ossorio's garden of rare conifers intermingled with native trees and shrubs, and Jack Lenor Larsen's garden enhanced with more than forty sculptures.

With over 150 illustrations, Hamptons Gardens considers the history of cultivation on Long Island's East End from the fenced-in gardens of the Puritans, to today's eclectically designed flower, vegetable, and sculpture gardens. The book will accompany the exhibition, "Hampton Gardens: A 350-Year Legacy," opening at The Guild Hall Museum in East Hampton on August 14th, 2004 and continuing through October 17, 2004. This comprehensive exhibition will celebrate the rich and kaleidoscopic history of planting, painting, and photographing gardens on the east end of Long Island.

In conjunction with the exhibition, Guild Hall will present "Artist's Gardens: A Weekend of Open Air Lectures and Garden Fair" on Friday, August 27 and Saturday, August 28, 2004. The Garden Fair will offer the chance to see a few of the finest private gardens in the Hamptons designed by artists and curators. Among these are the gardens of Childe Hassam, Gus Leiber, Jack Lenor Larsen (Long House Reserve), Susan and Louis Meisel, Constantine Nivola, Kathy and Billy Rayner, among many others. The two-day program will also include a gallery tour by author and exhibition curator, John Esten, on Saturday, August 27th, 2004.

About the Author and Photographer: John Esten wrote and designed this book to accompany the exhibition "Hampton's Gardens: A 350-Year Legacy." His previous books include Sargent Painting Out-of-Doors, Hampton Style, and Thomas Eakins: The Absolute Male. Evelene Wechsler is a New York-based photographer who specializes in garden photography.

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