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Sixty-Something: Ten Hamptons New Yearís Predictions For The Year 2019

T.J. Clemente

There is just so much unspoiled beauty in the Hamptons. (Photo courtesy of the author)

It is fun to make predictions for any new coming year. Many folks make "New Year's resolutions," such as to lose a few pounds, save a few bucks, find love, be a better husband or wife or finally go to Vegas. I pledge to write better columns, but here are my predictions for the Hamptons 2019!

First prediction: The best summer weather for the Hamptons in twenty years with sunny weekends and no nasty rainy Saturdays.

Second prediction: Former President Barak Obama will finally publicly visit the Hamptons for the first time! I don't believe he has ever visited. He has always gone to Martha's Vineyard, but this year there will be a spotting of him at the Blue Parrot in East Hampton.

Third prediction: Paul McCartney will play a surprise gig at the Stephen Talkhouse with Billy Joel, Jon Bon Jovi and Ringo Starr. Both Jerry Seinfeld and Howard Stern will host it with donations going to organizations that support abandoned cats and dogs like ARF.

Forth prediction: The Jitney will never be that late and never take more then three hours to make its trip to or from New York City. The caveat here is that the LIRR trains will go through the whole summer season without cancellations to Montauk.

Fifth prediction: That the Marie Eiffel Market on Shelter Island will once again make the best lobster rolls on the East End and I will get to sample them along with her amazing French pastries cooked right on the premise! You should too; it is so worth the effort.

Sixth prediction: Nancy Atlas will release a new CD that will finally contain a song that makes the ITunes Top 10. I feel "East End Run" and "Sweet Nothings" are great tunes for East Enders. The Nancy Atlas Project, with the same lineup of musicians for over 17 years, is so ready to get that one huge break to launch their great sound nationally.

Seventh prediction: The Hamptons International Film Festival will have great weather along with the usual great films.

Eight prediction: No huge traffic jams. No morning jams on 27W and no jams on 27E. Yes there will always be the sun in your eyes during holiday and work "rush hour traffic" but let's not have it so anyone sits in their car unable to move for 5-minute stretches.

Ninth prediction: Cell phone coverage improves throughout the Hamptons so while driving using your Bluetooth or other hands-free devices, cell phone calls don't suddenly get dropped, lost, or be unable to be dialed.

Tenth prediction: I believe despite the political circus that dominated too much of the news this year, 2019 in the Hamptons along with the rest of the country will take a step back and rediscover the beauty of being good neighbors, parents, husbands and wives, children, partners and citizens and smile more at each other. A smile is something that sets the tone. It is something everybody does in the same language. Living, vacationing, visiting or even working in the Hamptons is a wonderful thing. There is just so much unspoiled beauty with the beaches, the farms, the bays, the villages, the country roads, the historic sites, the old churches, the amazing restaurants, the many parks, and the huge wide-open spaces. Take the time in 2019 to gaze at sunsets, sunrises, full moons and amazing night skies of stars. I love the East End. It rescued my soul thus leading me to the love of my life. Oh!!! Only four months until the sailing season of 2019.

Happy New Year 2019!

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