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The Culture Club For The East End Presenting One Night Only "The Rime" Production

Nicole Barylski

The Rime will star Gabriel Portuondo. (Courtesy Photos)

The White Room's Culture Club for the East End will continue this fall with The Rime, a one-man show at the Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett.

Starring Gabriel Portuondo, The Rime - which can only be seen on Thursday, November 15 - is based on Samuel Taylor Coleridge's epic ballad, The Rime of The Ancient Mariner.

"A one hour ride of intrigue, murder and torment as a beleaguered sailor, the Mariner, recounts an albatross' revenge on the crew and the voyage," Kat O'Neill, The White RoomCo-Director/Owner, noted about the production.

During the one-hour show, Portuondo will take on an astonishing ten characters. "The Rime, based on The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, the longest poem ever written, penned by Samuel Taylor Coleridge in 1797-8, comes to life with wonderful acting, staging and sound effects, taking the audience into the doomed voyage and the Mariner's soul," O'Neill added.

O'Neill and Andrea McCafferty, who co-founded The White Room, launched the Culture Club earlier this summer with performance art at their Bridgehampton-based gallery. "In an effort to join with other venues in the creative community in the expansion of the arts in the off season, we reached out to the Talkhouse and Peter Honerkamp was a great supporter of the idea," O'Neill added. "The theme of The Rime seemed a perfect fit for the East End."

The Culture Club's next venture will be stand up comedy.

A portion of the proceeds from the evening will be donated to Gimme Shelter Animal Rescue and the duo plans to support local causes through each Culture Club experience.

The Rime will commence at 8 p.m. Tickets are $25 to $30, and the doors open at 7:30 p.m.

Stephen Talkhouse is located at 161 Main Street in Amagansett. For more information, visit stephentalkhouse.com.

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