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Hamptons "HyperPOPism" Exhibition Highlights The Works Of Joe Currie, Seek One, Joss Parker, And Gabriele Vigorelli

Nicole Barylski

Seek One's Ali.

The White Room in Bridgehampton will closeout October by introducing a new exhibition that highlights Pop and Grafitti influenced artwork from four unique artists: Joe Currie, Seek One, Joss Parker, and Gabriele Vigorelli.

"HyperPOPism is just that Pop in overdrive as four artists take iconic images, science fiction, colors and creativity to the walls with art that stimulates the imagination and captivates the senses," Kat O'Neill, Co-Director/Owner, reflected.

HyperPOPism will open on Thursday, October 25 and remain on view through Sunday, November 25.

Currie's work focuses on the "journey into abstraction." "Growing up in England during the 80s, the influence and love of American sub cultures through TV, and being surrounded by large non-spaces of US air bases around East Anglia, gave me a slightly odd and romantic view of America," Currie noted. "I finished the Masters Degree bronze-casting course at the Royal College of Art in 1999 and have pursued my passion for Art ever since. I have built up a body of work that follows the theme of a journey into abstraction, inspired by Robert Smithson, Donald Judd, Fiona Banner, Cornelia Parker, Malevich, Richard Long, Jim Dodge, non-spaces, comics and road movies, surviving four car crashes, my own life and everything else."

Joe Currie's Pop 2.

"Through this series of paintings I am exploring a split second look into an object in transit, speed, light, a moment, a motion; a painted road movie," Currie added. "The myth and romantic lure of the open road, the 'now.' The middle bit between the A and the B. The paintings and sculptures represent an alternative comic book future where the Roswell crash was true. Time travel is possible and we all work in space."

One started dabbling in graffiti at just 15-years-old under the pseudonym Seek One. After facing charges for vandalism in 2015, he made the transition to canvas.

"As an emerging street artist and entrepreneur I am currently searching for partnerships to excel exposure and sales. I would like to make Seek One a brand that all clients and followers can relate to," One reflected. "All work is done on 100% hand made wood panel and usually includes pieces of vintage media, acrylics, oils, spray paint, metal flake and other various mediums. My goal is to bring unique pieces of fine art that everyone can connect with."

Kerouac in Keystone Colorado.

Parker, a contemporary artist, is influenced by Pop Art. Often his works revolve around celebrity portraits, like his Marilyn Monroe series, Malcolm X and Jack Kerouac. He primarily works on aerosol on canvas, a "refined to look more like a proper acrylic painting than raw or playful stencils."

Vigorelli's pieces encompass bold hues, abstracted frames and intricate universal symbols. The Milan-native, who has been painting since his early childhood, is often inspired by nature, as well as his own deep-seated spirituality.

"I paint the wonder of life. My heart comes through in the colors, forms and shape," Vigorelli noted. "In my work, I try to unlock the mysteries of the subconscious, inner-outer universe, the unknown - It is the one true infinite source of inspiration."

An opening reception will take place on Saturday, October 27 from 5 to 7 p.m.

The White Room Gallery is located at 2415 Main Street in Bridgehampton. For more information, visit www.thewhiteroom.gallery/.

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