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Makeup Artist Danessa Myricks Launches Inclusive Summer/Fall Collection With LimeLife By Alcone

Sydney A. Braat

The Glow Perfect Cream Highlighter Palette. (Courtesy Photo)

LimeLife by Alcone is expanding internationally with the hope of serving the needs of women everywhere. Celebrity makeup artist and cosmetics entrepreneur Danessa Myricks helped to create a new collection distinguished by highly pigmented creams and powders effective for all skin tones.

"This collection is for all the women, who, like me, have struggled to find the perfect shade for their skin tone," remarked Myricks.

This new collection is available exclusively through the LimeLife by Alcone website and the company's network of social sales representatives beginning on September 20. There are six foundations, one concealer, four blushes, six bronzers, eight shade cream highlighter palettes, seven enduring lip colors and two eight-shade eyeshadow palettes. The items are priced between $20-92.

"Darker skin tones require different formulas and denser pigmentation than most consumer cosmetic products, which is why we partnered with Danessa Myricks to create a more inclusive line of makeup," explained Madison Mallardi, co-founder and co-CEO of LimeLife by Alcone. "We have always responded to market need, rather than marketing trends, and our partnership with Danessa is an embrace of customers across all ethnicities and an enhanced opportunity for our expanding team of sales representatives worldwide."

LimeLife by Alcone is a family-owned company with more than six decades of history. They have a network of close to 35,000 brand representatives in the United States and international markets. LimeLife by Alcone's mission is to inspire confidence in women and help them live healthier and happier lives. The company is based in Manhattan.

"As someone who has always believed that beauty has no boundaries, it's been an honor to collaborate with LimeLife by Alcone, a brand equally committed to the quality of their products as they are the success of all women who strive to be entrepreneurs," Myricks added.

We spoke with Danessa to learn more about the collaboration with LimeLife by Alcone:

Can you speak to the beginning of your career? Why is this collaboration so exciting for you?

DM: The crazy part is that makeup is my second career. I didn't start doing makeup until I was 30 and I got into it because I worked at a publishing company and they hired makeup artists all the time. Just watching and seeing the vibe of the artist was always something I wanted to do. The company I worked for closed so it was the perfect time to get into something I always wanted to do. I'm a single mom with two kids so I thought I'd take a chance and do something that made me feel good and happy. I taught myself how to do makeup. Something that started as a hobby became my career for 19 years.

For you personally, why was it exciting to work with LimeLife by Alcone?

DM: Their family is very historic in the beauty industry. Alcone was one of the first places I shopped when I was starting. It was an honor to work with them. The brand LimeLife is incredible humans who are creating incredible opportunities for women. I was that woman before and I know what this can mean for someone. To have my hands in the clay and participate is an honor for me. I know that for those who participate in the program will have their lives changed. I love makeup but there's so much more behind it. The founders are the most inspiring human beings you'd ever meet with tremendous hearts. They're looking to create opportunities for everyone.

You mentioned that you helped to create different shades for this collection, so where do you hope to see the makeup industry in the future?

DM: It's exciting that LimeLife realized that there are so many more skin tones than what's being represented. They were really the drivers behind giving everyone opportunities. I really hope inclusivity is a part of every brand, not just a thing that happens as a fad. This is a very big, beautiful planet with lots of different people. We should create for everyone.

For more information, visit www.limelifebyalcone.com.

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