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150 Years Of Hamptons Parties And Picnics On Display In East Hampton

Olivia Rutigliano

Columbus Day weekend is the final chance to see East Hampton Historical Society's 150 Years of Parties and Picnics in East Hampton.

The exhibition features costumes and textiles of the Hamptons from Main Street Promenades to quiet date nights to family beach trips, this rare collection brings to life The Hamptons lifestyles of years past.

"The inspiration for the exhibition," said Chief Curator Richard Barons, "was that the East Hampton Historical Society is in possession of an extensive collection of period garments, but has never had an exhibit that focuses on our vast costume holdings; we sought to rectify this omission with a summer exhibition."

The expansive wardrobe honors fashion, accessories and artifacts, both authentic and contrived to reflect a community that loves their summer party atmosphere.

"We can learn so much from the clothes that were worn years ago," added Mr. Barons, "Just examine our selection of swimming costumes---neck to ankle, for women; knitted wool for the gents. Some of the clothes make us itch, others are being revived as we check-out the long linen skits and men's white sport jackets worn by the up-to-date young couples circa 1915. We'll likely see them in store windows next summer!"

The exhibit features attire from a 1970s gallery opening to a float from a 1915 Fourth of July parade to the many glamorous East Hampton parties over the decades, sending the viewer time traveling.

The museum is open on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 12 to 5 pm.

The event is free and open to the public but donations are welcome.

The Clinton Academy Museum is located at 151 Main Street in East Hampton. For more information, visit www.easthamptonhistory.org.

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