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Hampton Bays Local Creates "Ginger Ninja" In Support Of Big Brothers Big Sisters Of Long Island

Sydney A. Braat

Robert Godley co-founded Psycho Bunny. (Courtesy Photo)

Robert Godley, a Hamptons local, philanthropist and Co-Founder of clothing label Psycho Bunny, understands the importance of giving back to the community. Utilizing his own brand, he brought forth the special limited edition t-shirt called "Ginger Ninja" which benefits Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island. "Ginger Ninja" began as a term of endearment for Godley's son and later became the name of his center console fishing boat.

The "Ginger Ninja" t-shirt. (Courtesy Photo)

Godley discovered the joy of freedom in exploring his own path of life and hopes to spread that same feeling to others in his community. The limited edition Pima cotton t-shirt is available in both navy and white, with a signature Psycho Bunny graphic featuring Godley's personal boat and the joyful exuberance of a young boy that captures the free spirit of his hobby and mindset. The t-shirts are available in a men's and boy's size range and are $50 and $40 respectively. 50 percent of all proceeds are donated directly to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island.

We caught up with Godley to ask about his work with Psycho Bunny and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island:

Can you please speak a bit about why Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island is important to you?

RG: I first learned about Big Brothers Big Sisters when a captain at the marina where I moor my boat introduced me to the Hamptons Offshore Invitational Fishing Tournament, a charity event that raises money to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island.

I have been fortunate enough to travel for work since a young age and develop friendships with some very inspirational people. I can well understand the life changing value of a mentorship. The idea of mentors helping to guide children and show them a different perspective on life, helping them realize their full potential is something I feel passionate about. It struck a deep chord within me, and I wanted to see if Psycho Bunny could find a way to help.

Fishing is clearly a huge part of your life. What are your favorite aspects of the sport and how did it help connect you to your work with Psycho Bunny and philanthropy in general?

RG: There is a tranquility associated with being out on the ocean and the overall adventure produces a sense of well-being. When fishing so far off shore it's imperative you are in tune with your surroundings. The environment is so far removed from the city that it could be considered meditative. It's a great reminder of just how lucky we are and the natural beauty of the world that we live in. Finding ways to make what we enjoy doing to help others, seemed like a natural choice. Let's just say as a father and a stepfather, there was a personal motivation to do my small part for BBBS.

Where do you hope to see "Ginger Ninja" and Psycho Bunny down the road?

RG: We are working diligently towards being a global brand. To date we have amazing partners in Japan, Panama and the UK and are always look for new additions to our family. We continue to grow classifications; a performance golf collection for Spring 19, outerwear for Fall 19. Within our core collection we have evolved from our classic Pima polo shirt to fleece and French terry, all trimmed in the Psycho Bunny style with a nod to our slogan - made for mischief.

Apart from fishing what are other favorite Hamptons pastimes?

RG: Swimming in the bay, walking along the beach or simply cooking outdoors on the grill, for family and friends are some of my favorite things to do during the summer months. When time permits I will paddle board, kite surf or cycle as the weather turns cooler.

To purchase Godley's "Ginger Ninja" t-shirt visit www.psychobunny.com.

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