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Christie Brinkley And Sailor Brinkley To Host Southampton Sweat Fitness And Wellness Event

Sydney A. Braat

Christie Brinkley is hosting with daughter Sailor Brinkley. (Photo: Sylvain Gaboury/PMC)

Christie Brinkley and Sailor Brinkley have called the Hamptons their home for decades. To celebrate summer and our beautiful East End surroundings, they are hosting the fourth annual Southampton Sweat Fitness Festival on Sunday, August 5 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Southampton Arts Center. This daylong festival will feature everyone's favorite summer activities, including music, fitness, fashion, and wellness.

"I'm so excited to be hosting something as positive and motivational as Southampton Sweat! Exercise has been such a saving grace in my life," Sailor shared.

Participants will workout with elite trainers from some of the most famous studios like Dogpound, The Class by Taryn Toomey, Anna Kaiser's AKT in Motion, Mile High Run Club, Tone House, BRICK New York, and SoHo Strength Lab. Celebrity trainer Evan Betts will teach on behalf of Tone House while Akin's Army founder Akin Akman will teach a modified version of his namesake class. Christie's Total Gym will also participate with an onsite activation during the festival. Attendees will also enjoy complimentary food, beverage, and wellness experiences throughout the day.

"When I left the music industry, I wanted to use my hands and my body to help others. I started teaching yoga, spin and went to cooking school. I became a health coach and eventually got a masters in clinical social work. However, the sizzle of business still had a gravitational pull," Southampton Sweat founder Leah Landon explained. "As a talent manager, one of my jobs was to spot talent. As an early customer at Juice Press, I saw how they were changing our culture's relationship to organic cold pressed juice, superfood smothies and organic raw foods. I knew I had to get involved. I took a job making smoothies and washing dishes for $9 per hour. A few years later, I was the Vice President, Brand Experience. Southampton Sweat is a culmination of all of my interests and an expression of my life experiences and passions."

New to the festival, are the Brinkleys who will serve as hosts of this year's event. "Working with and pushing your body makes you develop such a beautiful appreciation of it while also inspiring you to strive to be a better version of yourself (Inside and outside of the gym)," Sailor added. "My mom and I love staying active together and are so excited to be able to spread excitement about all the fun ways to get your body moving."

"Having Christie Brinkley and Sailor Brinkley hosting is a testament to the enthusiasm and energy surrounding Southampton Sweat. We are so grateful for how our community is embracing and supporting the festival," Landon noted. "We are also thrilled to have Akin, Tonehouse, Taryn Toomey, Dogpound and AKT who have supported Southampton Sweat since year 1. Newcomers Mile High Run Club, Brick Cross Fit, and Soho Strength Lab are sure to add positive memories to this year's experience."

"I'm so excited to be hosting something as positive and motivational as Southampton Sweat! Exercise has been such a saving grace in my life," Sailor shared. (Photo: Hannah Turner-Harts/PMC)

Southampton Sweat was founded in 2014 and has become the Hamptons' most memorable fitness events of the summer. The event has partnered with crowd favorite brands like Juice Press, Bandier, and Republic Records. Roughly 1,000 people attend Southampton Sweat each year, including notable influencers like Kirsty Godso, Hilary Rhoda, and Jenne Lombardo.

"Tone House is honored to once again participate in Southampton Sweat," noted Alonzo Wilson, Tone House founder. "Like Tone House, this event is all about teamwork and bringing the fitness community together, so it's a great fit for our studio, coaches and athletes."

"I am very lucky to be part of the innovation team at Juice Press and I am very proud of my contributions to the menu such as the clean eating plan which allows Juice Press the opportunity to care for the nutritional needs of our customers with a full day of organic foods, juices and soups," Landon expressed. "It was actually working at Juice Press that introduced me to the incredible community that is Southampton, as we have stores in South, Bridge and East Hampton."

Tickets to the event are $60, which includes VIP registration to all classes, an exclusive Southampton Sweat 2018 Tshirt and a VIP gift bag with offers and samples from sponsors and various health and wellness brands.

"Music and entertainment is a meaningful part of my background, so people coming together for festivals - making a day or weekend out of that experience of enjoying something beloved together - is the most natural thing in the world to me," Landed added. "I wanted to recreate that experience for the fitness community. Wellness and fitness are the current focuses of my personal and professional lives and Southampton Sweat was a natural extension of my own personal daily lifestyle."

Southampton Arts Center is located at 25 Jobs Lane. For more information, visit www.eventbrite.com or follow on Instagram www.instagram.com/southamptonsweat.

Sydney Braat is a Hamptons-raised and NYC-living journalist. She enjoys splitting her time between the bustling city life and relaxing atmosphere of the Hamptons. When she's not writing, Sydney is traveling. She thrives off of new experiences, cultures, cuisine, and languages. Sydney writes about the arts, philanthropy, food & wine, and shopping. https://www.sosydneyny.com/ sydneybraat

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