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Founder And CEO Of The Points Guy, Brian Kelly, Shares Insights At Montauk Hotspot

Sydney A. Braat

The Points Guy Brian Kelly (right) addresses the crowd. (Courtesy Photo)

The Surf Lodge in Montauk hosted a morning of rich conversation thanks to Founder & CEO of The Points Guy Brian Kelly. Voted Forbes #1 travel influencer, Kelly shared insight into all things credit cards, travel tips, and money-saving practices. Despite his fast paced life in transit, he has established a home base in the Hamptons where he enjoys all the food, festivities, and relaxation the community has to offer, all with his adorable French Bulldog, Miles, by his side (yes, the name is a direct play on words to airline miles).

Kelly has perhaps the most envy-worthy job. He has turned his passion of travel and savvy money practices through using airline miles into a major business and media platform. Thousands of people worldwide utilize Kelly's website, ThePointsGuy.com, to plan trips and sign up for the most rewarding credit cards that enable you to travel more frequently and luxuriously without breaking the bank. Kelly's business isn't just a hobby, it's a mathematical masterpiece. The foundation of The Points Guy is the concept that travel is not something that should be an exclusive premium to the one percent, it should be enjoyed by everyone.

"I believe travel makes the world a better place," said Kelly. If you have even just a minute to speak with Kelly it is evident that he has been shaped by every country he's been to. While he doesn't keep an exact tally of the number of countries he's visited, it's no secret that he has covered almost every corner of the world. Even more remarkably, Kelly speaks so humbly of his experiences. He travels to experience the beauty and differences of the world. In turn, Kelly shares those experiences with others through his Instagram and website.

Sydney Braat is a Hamptons-raised and NYC-living journalist. She enjoys splitting her time between the bustling city life and relaxing atmosphere of the Hamptons. When she's not writing, Sydney is traveling. She thrives off of new experiences, cultures, cuisine, and languages. Sydney writes about the arts, philanthropy, food & wine, and shopping. https://www.sosydneyny.com/ sydneybraat

Added: July 10, 2018, 12:47 pm
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