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SoulCycle Adds The Link To Hamptons SoulAnnex Summer Offerings

Nicole Barylski

bellicon is the rebounder of choice for celebs like Cindy Crawford and Molly Sims. (Courtesy Photo)

Upon walking into The Link at SoulCycle's SoulAnnex location in Bridgehampton, I was pleasantly surprised to find a room full of mini-trampolines - which I later learned are officially known as a rebounder - and these were bellicon, the rebounder of choice for celebs like Cindy Crawford and Molly Sims. Which led me to ponder just what exactly had I gotten myself into?

The Link, an "off-the-bike" class, features a curated SoulCycle "rebounding" workout that hits hard-to-reach muscles.

The first half-hour was set on the rebounder, and while incredibly challenging - it's not exactly easy to do high knees on one of those things - you're still on a mini-trampoline - so how could you not enjoy it?

"The class improves lymphatic flow, strengthens your pelvic floor and core, alleviates stress, and burns fat," Fayth Caruso, bellicon master trainer, explained.

Classes in the Hamptons are taught by Laurie Cole, a founding Senior Master SoulCycle Instructor, who offers just the right amount of encouragement at just the right time.

"The bellicon is the highest quality mini-trampoline in the market. It's high quality Swiss/German design and engineering and unique bungee system makes for the most quiet, buoyant, and effective bounce," Caruso added. "It is also completely customizable in design and function and boasts many health benefits. The bellicon is the only mini-trampoline on the market that comes with it's own at home workout system, bellicon Home, offering 100s of video workouts and an online certification."

In addition to the bellicon, each session also incorporates foam rolling and bands, which are used to elongate and reshape muscles.

Classes will be offered throughout the summer. Admission is $42.

SoulAnnex location at 264 Butter Lane in Bridgehampton. For more informaiton, visit www.soul-cycle.com.

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Added: August 9, 2018, 2:41 pm
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