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Boozy Treats To Sip And Nosh On This Independence Day

Nicole Barylski

Deep Eddy Peach and Strawberry Popsicles. (Photo: Jordan Catapono)

Planning a 4th of July week gathering? Keep cool with these boozy cocktails and treats.

Mot Melon on the Rocks. (Courtesy Photo)

Mot Melon on the Rocks: (Created by Moet Ice Ambassador and Influencer Rocky Barnes)

 • 4.0 oz. Mot & Chandon Ice Imperial
 • 3 Large Ice Cubes
 • .5 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
 • .75 oz. Volcan Tequila Blanco
 • 1 oz. Fresh Watermelon Juice
 • 6 Mint Leaves
 • Watermelon Chunk, for garnish
 • Slice of Lime, for garnish
 • Mint Sprig, for garnish

Directions: Add all ingredients except champagne to a shaker. Muddle watermelon (if fresh) and mint leaves. Add ice and shake well. Strain into a large wine goblet (Slap a mint leaf and run around the rim of the glass). Top with 4oz of Mot Ice Imperial and top off with three large ice cubes. Garnish with watermelon, lime slice and mint sprig.

Watermelon Smash. (Courtesy Photo)

Watermelon Smash:

 • 1 oz. Seagrams Watermelon Vodka
 • 1.25 oz. Templeton Rye
 • .75 oz. Demerara Syrup
 • 2 Lemon Wedge
 • 6 Mints
 • Mint Sprigs, for garnish

Why Is That Ginger Blue? (Courtesy Photo)

Directions: Muddle the lemons/mint and syrup. Add the liquor/light shake and dirty dump in rocks glass. Garnish with mint sprigs.

Deep Eddy Peach and Strawberry Popsicles:

 • .5 oz. Deep Eddy Peach Vodka
 • 1 oz. Coconut Water
 • .5 oz. Strawberry Syrup
 • .25 Cup chopped Strawberries
 • 1 oz. Cream

Directions: Mix all of the ingredients well and pop in the freezer.

Why Is That Ginger Blue?: (Created by Moses Laboy)

 • 1 1/2 oz. Johnnie Walker Red Label
 • 3/4 oz. Ginger/Butterfly Pea Flower Sweetener*
 • 1/2 oz. fresh Lemon juice
 • 3/4 oz. Fever Tree Seltzer
 • Half drop of Chefs Liquid Royal Blue
 • Pansy Flower, for garnish

Directions: Add all ingredients in shaker (except seltzer). Shake till cold and double strain over fresh ice. Top with soda. Garnish with Pansy flower.

Red, White and Baileys. (Courtesy Photo)

Red, White and Baileys: (Created by Lo Bosworth)

 • 4.5 oz. Baileys Almande
 • 1 Cup Frozen Blueberries
 • 2 Frozen Bananas
 • 1 Cup Frozen Raspberries

Directions: Blend 2.5 oz. Baileys Almande with 1 cup frozen blueberries in a food processor until smooth. Blend 1 oz. Baileys Almande with 2 frozen bananas in a food processor until smooth. Blend 1 oz. Baileys Almande with 1 cup frozen raspberries in a food processor until smooth. Pour individual layers into a Collins glass to create red, white and blue color scheme. Top with blueberries.

Ruby Red Paloma. (Courtesy Photo)

Ruby Red Paloma: (Created by mixologist Mica Rousseau of Mexico City)

 • 1 1/2 oz. Tequila Don Julio Blanco
 • 2 3/4 oz. Fresh Ruby Red Pink Grapefruit Juice
 • 1/2 oz. Agave Syrup
 • Sanpellegrino Sparkling Water for Top
 • Ruby Red Pink Grapefruit, for garnish
 • Salt, for garnish

Directions: Combine Tequila Don Julio Blanco, fresh ruby red pink grapefruit juice and agave syrup into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well. Strain contents into highball glass over fresh ice. Top with San Pellegrino Sparkling Water. Garnish with ruby red pink grapefruit and salt.

Fair Winds Fizz. (Courtesy Photo)

Fair Winds Fizz:

 • .5 oz. Orgeat
 • .25 oz. Fasshionola
 • 1 oz. Lime
 • 1.5 oz. Grey Goose Vodka
 • Brandied Cherry, for garnish
 • Orange Peel, for garnish

Directions: Combine all ingredients in shaker tin. Add pellet ice and give a quick swizzle. Strain into a Collins glass and top with Perrier seltzer. Garnish with a brandied cherry wrapped in an orange peel speared on a Grey Goose pick.

Quimbara. (Courtesy Photo)


 • 1.5 oz. Santa Teresa 1796
 • .5 oz. Aperol
 • 1 oz. Guava Purree
 • .75 oz. Lime Juice
 • .25 oz. Simple Syrup
 • Lime Wheel, for garnish

Directions: Shake all ingredients over ice and strain into rocks glass with fresh ice. Garnish with a lime wheel, and tiny umbrella.

Black Box Frozen Sangria. (Courtesy Photo)

Black Box Frozen Sangria:

 • 2 cups Black Box Red Sangria
 • 1/2 cup Orange Juice
 • Juice of 1 Lemon
 • Lemon or Orange Wheels, for garnish

Directions: Pour sangria into an ice cube tray and freeze for at least 6 hours. It will never freeze completely because of the alcohol content - when it's solid but feels a bit soft when you push it, it's ready. Pop the ice cubes into a blender and pour in the orange juice. Blend until smooth, about 30 seconds. You may have to stop the blender and push the ingredients down several times. Serve immediately. (Note: If you want to make your Black Box Froz-angria ahead of time, freeze it right in the body of the blender, then use a spoon to loosen it up, add a splash of water, and re-blend until smooth when you're ready to serve.)

Summer Ale Spritz. (Courtesy Photo)

Summer Ale Spritz: (Created by Rael Petit)

 • 1 bottle of Sam Adams Summer Ale
 • 1 oz. Rosemary Syrup*
 • 1 oz. Lemon Juice
 • .75 oz. Aperol
 • Rosemary Sprig, for garnish

Directions: Add Sam Adams Summer Ale, rosemary syrup, lemon juice and ice in a blender. Blend ingredients. Pour in a tall beer glass and top with an Aperol float. Garnish with a rosemary sprig.

*Rosemary Syrup:

 • 250 ml Sugar
 • 250 ml Water
 • Handful of Rosemary

Directions: In a saucepan, put 250 ml sugar and 250 ml of water. Add a handful of rosemary and cook on high for 7 minutes, while stirring the sugar to dissolve. After 7 minutes, let it cool for another 7 minutes and then strain.

Nicole is the Editor-in-Chief of Hamptons.com where she focuses on lifestyle, nightlife, and mixology. She grew up in the Hamptons and currently resides in Water Mill. www.hamptons.com NicoleBarylski NicoleBarylski

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