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Sixty-Something: My Favorite Entrées In The Hamptons

T.J. Clemente

The author's favorite Hamptons entrées. (Courtesy Photos)

Part of the magic of the Hamptons is the nightly cuisine at the many various restaurants. Every hamlet has it gems, and years back I used to actually do restaurant reviews for a weekly paper. So over the last 15 years I have had some wonderful meals and I thought I would share my best experiences with you.

When I think of my favorite all time entrée in the Hamptons, I start off with one that's on the menu nightly at The Clam and Chowder House at Salivar's in Montauk. The Panko Crusted Fluke Parmigiana (served over pasta), is a simple dish yet it tastes as good as it sounds saying it. The tasty fluke is served hot encased in panko over linguini with a wonderful Italian sauce all covered with melted mozzarella cheese. This is not a special - this is on the menu every day and costs $26. The portion is huge and is perfect for a hungry patron. I have never had a bad order. It is consistently excellent.

Another "on the menu" entrée that I instantly order is on the menu at The American Hotel in Sag Harbor. It is another fish dish. I always enjoy the Sauté Filet of Flounder Amandine ($36) from right off the fancy American Hotel menu. The flounder is delicate smothered with butter, lemon and shaved almonds. It is consistently tasty! This portion is more measured but the potato and vegetable are always up to the American Hotel standard high quality.

My next favorite entrée is a wood burning brick oven baked pizza at World Pie in Bridgehampton. World Pie is always serving until midnight all year round. In fact, my wife and I once landed there at 11:57 p.m. and they took our order! I love the simple "Classic" 25" pie that consists of tomato, basil and mozzarella all sizzling on that very thin, very crispy piecrust World Pie is noted for. It cost roughly $21 plus tax. Many times I end up taking a slice or two home, and it heats up well at home!

Over the years I am partial to the Blue Parrot is East Hampton because one summer I actually worked there as the doorman checking ID's. Now many years removed from that experience I still enjoy going back and sampling the Tex-Mex cuisine that Master Chef Rico Martinez serves nightly. Now after almost 30 years at the Parrot, Rico usually has a fish special every night! He is the best Tex-Mex cuisine chef in all the Hamptons, however I favor a simple dish on the menu every day. It tastes wonderful every time and better than any other place I have ever had it, including Mexico. The Chicken Fajitas that Rico prepares always comes out sizzling hot, with his perfect combination of seasoned peppers and onions. It comes with sides of guacamole, beans, sour cream, with house made chips - plus the tortilla pancakes.

My favorite all time Hamptons entrée is not always on the menu at Cittanuova in East Hampton Village, but does appear on weekends in the summer. If the Lobster Fra Diavolo over homemade linguine is on the menu, order it! The lobster is opened mostly cleaned out of its shell so that all you need is a fork to extract it. The spicy Fra Diavolo sauce is not too spicy hot and perfect enough to deliver a mouth savoring experience with every bite. This dish is not a special, it is an extra special entrée - the best I have ever had in my life. That includes the 5 star Michelin restaurants I have dined at in Paris, NYC, London, and my favorite restaurant Chateau Eze' on the French Rivera. If I could order one dish on demand from anywhere, it would be the Lobster Fra Diavolo from Citta.

Everyone has their favorite entrees based on their favorite tastes and desires. I hope sharing mine has brought back to mind some of your all-time favorites. I believe if you order any of the above mentioned you cannot go wrong. Bon appetit!

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