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Ahead Of The Curve: An Eye On The Future Of Hamptons Real Estate

Success with waterfront development in Southampton. (Photo: Peter Mangiameli and Deerkoski & Arm, DPC.)

The stock market has begun 2018 in the same fashion it closed last year. One of the realities of the internet is that this article will be online for many years beyond its original publication of January 2018. Therefore, let's leave any speculation on the future direction of the market to the experts. Monday morning quarterbacks can critique those predications.

Local interest in the stock market often focuses on its impact on the Hamptons real estate market. The correlation between the two is fascinating. In past years when we have had a record setting market, we had seen significant funds move from the stock market to Hamptons real estate. While it's easy to say "the rich get richer", the last few decades have proven that our real estate market has ups and downs … and then ups again. Intelligence, patience, and familiarity with the micro-market have always proven to be the key to long term success.

The Hamptons are a strong and safe place to invest if you understand the market. (Photo: Peter Mangiameli and Deerkoski & Arm, DPC.)

Real estate, for the sake of investment, is a game of opportunity. Although luck and market trends provide opportunity, there is no substitute for research and analysis. Peter Mangiameli, developer of luxury homes, combines his decades of building experience with his knowledge of the Hamptons real estate market. "Through our network of realtors and contacts, we have been able to locate unique opportunities for our investors. Remaining ahead of the curve and finding properties before they hit the market is crucial. Knowing the potential value of specific investments and locations that will yield incredible results, is our specific area of expertise. Most recently, we have seen success with a waterfront development in Southampton; returns exceeded even our expectations. We are currently moving forward with other properties that fit our criteria and are expecting even greater success for our company and our investors."

The new tax bill, estate tax, LLC ownership of properties, and the future of the rental market have been hot topics of discussion amongst real estate brokers, custom home builders, investors and their financial advisors. In December of 2017, The New York Times reports that "The fine print reveals that some will get a much nicer gift than others, the benefits will change over time, and some will be left out in the cold. Real estate developers and technology companies could see big tax cuts…" The impact of the bill will influence the Hamptons market which has provided a high stakes opportunity for decades.

The luxury construction market requires sophisticated design and attention to detail. (Photo: Peter Mangiameli and Deerkoski & Arm, DPC.)

Joshua Frazier is a contributing writer for Forbes Magazine and the CEO at Data Nerds and Estated. Under his byline it reads "Focused on bringing transparency into residential/commercial real estate through data and analytics." All evidence points to the fact that investing in our own luxury real estate market has become a sport of crunching numbers over and over again. The correct data is most effective when combined with the human elements of judgment and experience.

Most see a bright future for the Hamptons market. However, entering the fray of the luxury real estate market is not for the faint of heart. Mangiameli concluded: "The Hamptons are a strong and safe place to invest if you understand the market within the larger market. The key is to stay disciplined, have a niche and do not deviate from your proven formula of success."

Chris Hall is a partner at CP Complete, a landscape design and construction company. He has been a luxury gunite pool and landscape consultant for over thirty years and shares his observations and advice each month on Hamptons.com. cpcomplete.com

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