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White Square Pops Up At Citigroup Center In Downtown Miami

Lee Fryd

Ryan Burke, Hayley Meagher, Zaha, and Baker. (Photo: Patrick McMullan/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

"Moon over Miami," Susanne Bartsch riffed at the Crocker Partners' unveiling of White Square - a space designed by Richard Meier & Partners at the highly anticipated Citigroup Center in Downtown Miami, on the Super Moon. The invitation-only event on December 7 featured exclusive installations by Susanne Bartsch in which guests looked into private, controversial moments through a peephole, a burlesque dancer caught the eyes of many, and a cheeky performance of The Nutcracker came with a twist.

Performers with Fabian Basabe and Susanne Bartsch. (Photo: Patrick McMullan/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

"This is an art gallery," Bartsch told Hamptons.com. "Doing looks and expressing yourself via transformation is my art." She described her tableaus as a "sexy, surprise adventure. You come into this beautiful big space and all of a sudden you have a peep show into an intimate hidden one." One tableau is a retro looking girl making pancakes in an apron. Buxom pasties and bare behinds figure prominently. "Sex fantasies," said Bartsch. "The idea of a peep show is retro, but the big white peepholes make it modern."

Paul Solberg and Christopher Makos. (Photo: Patrick McMullan/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Photographs by Paul Solberg and Christopher Makos - Andy Warhol's former personal photographer - were on display throughout the 7,000 square foot space for guests to admire while indulging in savory bites by celebrity Chef Ingrid Hoffmann, including chorizo empanadas, lamb chops, jumbo shrimp, & bacon-wrapped dates.

VIP party-goers stayed refreshed throughout the night at Acqua Di Parma's spa-inspired restrooms, with fragrances and lotion to take home with them.

Fabian Basabe, Claudine De Niro, and Josh Krens.(Photo: Patrick McMullan/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Notable attendees included Fabian and Martina Basabe, Anna Rothschild, Claudine DeNiro, Jean Shafiroff, Susanne Bartsch, Christina Getty, Tom Crocker, Brian Antoni, John and Bill Castellano, Angelo Bianco, Rachel Heller, and Iran Issa Khan.

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