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New Legislation Gives East Hampton Community A Say In FAA Grants For Airport

Nicole Barylski

Federal aviation grants can last up to 20 years. (Photo: Megan McKendrick)

New legislation signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo assures that East End community will have a say in whether or not to accept federal funds and regulations in regards to the East Hampton Airport.

The legislation provides the Town Board with the opportunity to hold a permissive referendum when contemplating state or federal aid for the town-owned East Hampton Airport. It also gives residents the right to petition the town for a referendum, if the Town Board consent to a grant without putting it to a public vote. At least 5 percent of residents who voted in the last gubernatorial election must sign the petition and it must be submitted within 30 days of the Board approving the measure.

"I am pleased the Governor signed this measure which puts the decision-making power regarding FAA funds back into the hands of the community," Assemblyman Jr/23938;width:500px;height:170px;' style='cursor:pointer' rel='nofollow'>Fred W. Thiele, Jr. relayed. "Town Board members have terms that last only four years. Therefore, it's important that voters also have a say on these agreements that will impact them for years to come."

Federal aviation grants can last up to 20 years. In 2001, town officials accepted Federal Aviation Administration funding, which will end in 2021.

"I fully support East Hampton's efforts to make decisions concerning their own airport," Senator Ken LaValle added. "The new enables the residents to decide by referendum whether to accept financial assistance from other levels of government. The new decision-making ability would enable the community of East Hampton to chart their own course."

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Added: October 26, 2017, 3:57 pm
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