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Artists "Look Deeper" During Joint Hamptons Exhibition

Sydney A. Braat

"Blue Sailboats" (Courtesy Photo)

Look Deeper with artists Zoe Breen, Alyssa Peek, Laurie Fishman, Kevin Bishop, and Adrienne Fierman at the White Room Gallery in Bridgehampton during a new group art show, which is on display from Wednesday, September 13 through Sunday, October 1, that features photography, paintings, and ceramic sculptures.

Kevin Bishop holds a master of arts in engineering and served as the Director at a theatre company for twelve years. He is an artist that clearly creates from both sides of the brain. Bishop travels the world as a marketing expert but found inspiration on the East End of Long Island. "Living on Accabonac Harbor and inspired by my proximity to the Jackson Pollock house and Ashawagh Hall, I've been exploring forms of expression that stir my mind, my heart, my soul," reflected Bishop. "Drip painting, lissajous figures and painterly strokes all feature in my work, on grounds sometimes smooth, sometimes textured, sometimes rough. Working primarily on floors and tables I'm inspired to create whether in my studio at home or on the road."

Laurie Fishman has been inspired by her travels around the world, naturally occurring beauty, and organic patterns and textures. "Oftentimes, I seek out subject matter with a compelling story, which serves to connect the viewer with my images. A lifelong passion for animals and nature combined with the good fortune of having spent a significant amount of time visiting Africa has compelled me to become increasingly interested in using my art to spread awareness and appreciation for the natural world, particularly the endangered animals of Africa and their environment," said Fishman. She has held Teddy Roosevelt's words close her to heart and work: "The wildlife and its environment can't speak for itself, so we must and we will." A portion of the proceeds from Fishman's sales are donated to wildlife and environmental conservation organizations.

Zoe Breen is a mother of two boys and has combined her passion for art with her passion for parenting. She uses both abstract painting and photography to express creativity. Breen's paintings are primarily abstract because she loves the freedom it provides. Her motto is "See What Happens" because she never knows where her paintings will take her. Breen's photographs included in the show are from a seven-month long devotion to sunrises. She captured the sunrise from Hook Pond in East Hampton one morning and continued to do so morning after morning. "Nature became my friend and I couldn't wait to get up and capture it in its most divine moments," reflected Breen. "Interestingly, every day was different even in the same spot I'd been the day before and this kept me hungry for more. Each morning I would set off into the dark of dawn with the stars still twinkling and the moon out, then there would be the stretch of cold dark...very cold dark waiting time. I had to wait till there was enough light to start shooting. In this type of photography there is a lot of racing to your spot and then waiting and waiting... and waiting, but then suddenly an explosion of excitement and energy when it all starts to happen and unfold for you."

"On Such a Summer Day" (Courtesy Photo)

Alyssa Peek is inspired by her love of abstract art from both the Abstract Expressionism Movement and other master painters. She blurs the lines between photography and painting, though her original work brings a fresh and innovative perspective to traditional photography. Peek spent 20 years working in the fashion industry and left to continue creating beautiful things through the lens of her camera and follow her passion. She lives in New York City and the Hamptons which acts as her canvas.

Adrienne Fierman felt an immediate affinity towards an intuitive approach of "listening to the clay." Her work is formed through coiling and pinching, the most primitive and intimate of hand-building techniques. "I am intrigued by the quality of clay to be both rough and refined; to be viewed as an object of quiet beauty, however imperfect," reflected Fierman. "I find inspiration in the imperfections of nature and seek a balance between a torn edge or a crack, and a smooth, burnished surface; or between a form's shape and its texture. These organic pieces convey tranquility and harmony, in contrast to the chaos in our modern, technological world."

An opening reception for Look Deeper will be held on Saturday, September 23 from 5 to 7 p.m.

The White Room Gallery is located at 2415 Main Street in Bridgehampton. For more information, call 646-431-3182 or visit www.thewhiteroom.gallery.

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