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Mary-Kate Olsen, Brooke Shields, Mariska Hargitay, And More Kiss Summer Goodbye At The Hampton Classic

Lee Fryd

Brook Shields and Mariska Hargitay. (Photo: Lisa Tamburini)

While many spent their time air kissing inside the Hampton Classic VIP tents, many more fixated on the world class jumping. They saw Daniel Bluman claim the Hampton Classic Grand Prix CSI**** presented by SOVAROŽ. We loved you summer 2017. But, alas, we must air kiss you goodbye, as well.

Mayor Bloomberg and Diana Taylor commandeered two tables to watch daughter Georgina. We spied him talking to Jean Shafiroff, who was sitting with Bob Chaloner at the Stony Brook Southampton Hospital table. Mary-Kate Olsen, Brooke Shields, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Mariska Hargitay, Don Lemon, Jill Zarin, Bonnie Comley and Stewart Lane, Rod and Judy Gilbert, CNN Political Analyst Robert Zimmerman, former New York State Assemblyman Jerry Kremer and wife Suzan were also part of the bold faced parade.

"It's a chance to see everyone you've either seen all summer or haven't seen all summer, to say 'hi/goodbye' or 'see you in the city,'" Bonnie Comley said. We haven't seen Bonnie and Stew enough this summer: They've been keeping up with the demand for product on their Broadway HD live theater to digital platform company, which films theater performances for mass media outlets.

Leah Lane, Stewart Lane, and Bonnie Comely. (Photo: Lisa Tamburini)

The Lanes have been taking a table in the VIP tent for the past 14 years. They started when daughter Leah Lane was five-years-old and in pony camp. "She was in lead line - which was so cute!" Bonnie beamed. "Leah loved everything about the horses, the riding and the competing." Now 19, she's still at it, competing this year in the Adult Amateur Class. At Horace Mann, she qualified for the varsity letter program through the United States Equestrian Foundation. "But, they get to a point where it has to become the one sport they do," Bonnie explained. "It's not something you do part time and then jump really high fences, or it's just reckless." To wit, Lucia Hwong Gordon said her scheduled-to-the-max 15-year-old twins, are no longer competing.

The Lanes also sponsor the Children's Division 15-17 year old competition. Which means they get to hand out trophies to the teens and pin ribbons and place blankets on the horses.

The harmonious look of the decorated tables in the tents is due to a strict policy that limits the vendors to several local florists, and menus from Robbins Wolfe caterers. "A few years ago, we saw someone who brought their own alcohol in, having to take it back to their car!" Bonnie told us. "The vendors know what the rules are. Decorations can't be higher than about 12 inches, for example, so you don't obstruct anyone else's views." The tables are yours for the entire week. "We usually sit down opening day and have a breakfast after Leah arrives," said Bonnie.

Olivier Sarkozy and Mary Kate Olsen chat with Classicgoers. (Photo: Lisa Tamburini)

In the past 14 years, the Lanes have gone the decorating gamut, from shells and sea horses to decorative themed constructs. This year, Bonnie stuck to basic white and potted plants. "Sometimes there's just so much on that table, you can't put the food down," she laughed. "Then you feel like you should carry out your windmills , weathervanes and planters."

We turned around and there was Deana Hanson and her daughter, leaving the classic with their arms full!

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