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Dr. Craig Austin Helps Patients Look Good So They Feel Good At Cane + Austin

"Your skin is a reflection of your general health," noted Dr. Craig Austin. (Courtesy Photo)

Dr. Craig Austin, founder of Cane + Austin (with offices in both Southampton and New York City), knows skin. The research, devotion and focus that Dr. Austin has invested in skin care has kept men and women glowing with results.

Whether your concerns are preventative aging, banishing acne, or getting rid of dark spots or scaring, improving the health and appearance of our skin at any age and with any skin type has become more and more challenging over the years. Indisputable research has proven time and time again the long lasting effects sun damage and other factors can have on our skin. Dr. Austin's compassion to help all patients has made it possible and realistic for anyone to feel "pretty, witty and bright."

A medical doctor, he "Specializes in dermatology and aesthetic skin enhancements including medical facials, microneedling, chemical peels, fractional laser skin resurfacing, acne treatments and photofacials." Dr. Austin is a board certified dermatologist and dermatopathologist, and has also developed his own unique line of skincare products called Cane + Austin Skincare.

The systematic and simple one-step program designed for each patient, along with the effective ingredients used, and the gradual steps and potency of peel pads allows for daily use in the skincare regime specific to each patient. No need for expensive and time consuming in-office visits, these programs are designed to be done at home and have the clinical backing to prove their effectiveness.

"By combining high-tech clinical treatment for skin issues with traditional treatments and detailed study of damaged tissues, the most customized and most effective care can be provided for every patient." At New York City's Cane + Austin Medi Spa, "Some of the most popular treatments include medical-grade facials, acne treatment, microneedling, photofacials, chemical peels, fractional laser skin resurfacing, skin tightening, and laser hair removal."

Offering products including peel pads, cleansers, exfoliation, eye care, moisturizers, and sunscreen products, Cane + Austin products are reasonably priced, effective and accessible.

Cane + Austin has offices in both Southampton and New York City. (Courtesy Photo)

Hamptons.com caught up with the very busy Dr. Austin to answer a few questions:

Is there any particular reason you choose this field of study, and how many years have you been in practice?

Dr. CA: When I attended NYU School of Medicine, I was inspired by my mentor, Dr. Bernard Ackerman, a well-known Dermatologist and Skin pathologist. He revolutionized the field of Dermatology and Skin pathology, and educated future doctors and medical professionals all over the world.

When were the Southampton and New York City offices established?

Dr. CA: I opened Hampton Dermatology with Dr. Steven Fishman in 1995, and have been practicing medicine in New York City since 1991. I opened the Cane + Austin Medi Spa in early 2017.

What makes Cane + Austin products unique in both the highly competitive medical and marketing worlds of skincare?

Dr. CA: I began offering in-office chemical peels to my patients since the mid-1990s. I was impressed with the amazing skin transformation with such a simple and non-irritating procedure. Soon after, I developed in-home glycolic acid peel pads for my patients, and saw the same results. I was not only thanked by my patients, but they encouraged me to share my product line nationally. We now distribute Cane + Austin nationally at Sephora, Ulta, SpaceNk, and locally at Whites' Pharmacy in Southampton.

What would be your best advice to those who are now seeing the visible effects by ignoring or not paying attention to the damaging effects of sun and other environmental pollutants to their skin?

Dr. CA: While sun protection is the most important thing you can do for your skin, additionally, this is a great time to take advantage of products and non-invasive procedures that can enhance your appearance and help reverse the changes that have occurred. Non-invasive procedures include microneedling, photofacials, or chemical peels (in office treatment or Cane + Austin in-home products).

Have you found an increase in men seeking skincare solutions over your years of practice?

Dr. CA: Yes! I've noticed a huge increase in the interest from men to improve their appearance over the time I have been practicing. Men are looking for simple yet effective solutions.

The research, devotion and focus that Dr. Austin has invested in skin care has kept men and women glowing with results. (Courtesy Photo)

Could you explain the peel pads and their effects, and just how an individualized program is designed?

Dr. CA: The main ingredient of Cane + Austin peel pad is glycolic acid, which is a natural exfoliate derived from sugarcane. It is able to penetrate into the second layer of the skin, and reverse changes associated with aging. These include uneven pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, and general texture of the skin. With regular use of the pads, either once or twice daily after cleansing, you will see your skin begin to transform, and develop a healthy, radiant, youthful glow. A program can be augmented depending on whether you have acne, suffer from dry skin or eczema, or have severe sun damages or scarring by either increasing the glycolic acid percentage or adding salicylic acid to the regimen.

One wonderful component of your practice is the at home freedom to maintain skincare treatment without multiple office visits. Did that influence your research and production of the skincare products?

Dr. CA: Yes, that's exactly why I created Cane + Austin. The products allow you to achieve a chemical acid exfoliation at home.

What would you consider to be the three most detrimental and/or harmful components that result in damaged skin?

Dr. CA: Your skin is a reflection of your general health. While the most important issue is protection from the sun, your internal health and diet (smoking, drinking alcohol to excess, exercise) can affect your skin in either a positive or negative manner.

Finally, does your schedule allow you to spend more time in the Hamptons during the summer, or do you split your time between NYC and the Hamptons?

Dr. CA: I have lived in Sagaponack since beginning my practice in 1995, and fortunately I have been able to enjoy the Hamptons all year round. Of course, the summer is an amazing time out East, and I try to take advantage of that.

We all know that any good doctor begins by listening to the patient, so lend an ear to a consultation with Dr. Austin, and he will take care of the rest of your face.

For more information, and to take the Skin Care ID quiz for dry, combination, sensitive and/or oily skin visit www.caneandaustin.com. For further information on Cane + Austin Medi Spa, go to www.caneandaustinmedispa.com.

Eileen Casey spent many years working in the television and music industries in New York City on the "ABC In Concert" weekly series, as well as several prime time network and cable television specials. An award-winning journalist, editor, and artist, and former Editor-in-Chief of Hamptons.com, she enjoys staying warm in Charleston and cool in the Hamptons.

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