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Relive And Experience The Universal And Humanizing Connection To Water At Reisha Perlmutter’s First Solo Exhibit At Roman Fine Art

Sydney A. Braat

Reisha Perlmutter will feature her first solo exhibit at Roman Fine Arts. (Courtesy Photo)

Reisha Perlmutter will debut her first solo exhibit at Roman Fine Art in East Hampton this summer. Opening Friday, July 28 and on view through Sunday, August 27, the show, Title Immerse, will include over 15 new paintings from her water series which explores the body, its relationship to water, and the science of color.

Perlmutter has been working just over a year on a series of oil paintings depicting women in water, many of which she is the subject of. She aims to place emphasis on the biological connection between body and water, while finding correlations between her painting philosophy and understanding color. Light and color move across the skin through the water and Perlmutter exhibits this through energetic brushwork, blurring the edges between the figure and its surrounding environment. Through this connection, we sense that the body and the water are one.

"Lea" by Reisha Perlmutter. (Courtesy Photo)

Perlmutter's work is filled with imagery, allowing the viewer to relive and experience this universal and humanizing connection to water, where one becomes hyper-aware of the body, where it begins and ends, and how it moves in nature. Her figure is weightless and at complete ease and calm. It is easy to get lost in the paintings.

Perlmutter draws parallels between the physical relationship with nature and Alber's Color Theory, where color exists purely in its relationship to its surroundings. She explains this relationship as almost linear, "the flesh ends and the water begins, the flesh feels and looks like flesh because of the water," just as one color will project that which it is relative to. Perlmutter also aims to depict bodies that are not overly posed or sexualized.

"Reverie" by Reisha Perlmutter. (Courtesy Photo)

The emphasis in her paintings are directed away from individualized anatomy and onto the body as a whole. The artist finds poetry within the recurring shapes, naturally occurring throughout individual bodies. Perlmutter considers DNA, physiology, and biolody by capturing natural patterns. Her recent work aims to empower women to appreciate their differences, find a comfortability with their sizes, shapes, and colors.

Perlmutter was born in Naples, Florida in 1990 and shows a faculty with the medium that belies her age. She has studied painting at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and The New York Academy of Art. She has attended residencies in Montecastello di Vibio, Italy, Studio Escalier in Paris, and Argenton Chateau in France. Perlmutter has paintings in numerous private collections in Europe and the US. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in Munich, Miami, Naples, New York and East Hampton. In 2016, she was included in Water Bodies, an exhibition at The Southampton Arts Center curated by Eric Fischl and David Kratz. She has also exhibited in Sotheby's annual Take Home a Nude benefit, Scope New York and the New York Academy of Art. Perlmutter's work has appeared in numerous print and online publications including W Magazine, Wide Walls, Hamptons Art Hub, Town & Country and Artnet.

The Opening Reception for Title Immerse will take place on Saturday, July 29 from 2 to 5 p.m.

Roman Fine Art is located at 66 Park Place in East Hampton. For more information, call 917-797-8931 or visit romanfineart.com.

Sydney Braat is a Hamptons-raised and NYC-living journalist. She enjoys splitting her time between the bustling city life and relaxing atmosphere of the Hamptons. When she's not writing, Sydney is traveling. She thrives off of new experiences, cultures, cuisine, and languages. Sydney writes about the arts, philanthropy, food & wine, and shopping. https://www.sosydneyny.com/ sydneybraat

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