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INTERVIEW: Sasha Benz Dishes On The Hamptons Select House And More

Nicole Barylski

Sasha Benz. (BFA.com)

When Select, the super-secret members-only version of the hook-up app, which serves elite users, like CEOs, super models, and other notable users, to the Hamptons for a series of exclusive events with some of the hippest crowds - like filmmaker Taylor Steele, pro-surfer Quincy Davis, artist Raphael Mazzucco, and model Jordan Barrett, they brought in Creative Director Sasha Benz, whose clients include The Surf Lodge and Revolve. Benz, who knows just about everyone out here, took care of everything from the guest-list to the music to the food to the decor, and brand associations (because it's not a Hamptons summer party without Don Julio Tequila).

We recently caught up with the Aussie-born dynamo, who's married to DJ and model Oli Benz, about dating in the Hamptons, the Select House, and more.

When not at The Surf Lodge, what are some of your favorite Hamptons spots?

SB: My husband Oli and I love Duryea's, Navy Beach, and Montauket for the best sunsets. You can find us most days Ditch Plains with our son Rhythm.

How did you choose what events and experiences to feature at the Select House?

SB: People don't like anything too crazy out here, it's a really natural relaxed environment in Montauk. While we were aiming for a party vibe, we wanted the house to feel like it was very easy to just hang.

The Select House. (Courtesy Photo)

The Hamptons dating scene really heats up during the summer. What is your top Hamptons date night restaurant?

SB: Crows Nest! It's super romantic and another spot for an awesome sunset.

What's the best date you've ever been on and what made it special?

SB: Actually it was on a paddle board at night on the lake; the stars were reflecting on the water and it felt like we were in space.

Most memorable moment at the Select House so far?

SB: Bumping into an old friend and climbing to the highest point of the house and watching everything underneath unfold, which for me was a really proud moment. I got to take a breather and take in everything I had produced.

Have there been any love matches at the Select House?

SB: Yes, but those secrets are safe with me.

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Added: July 24, 2017, 11:24 am
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