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goop Launching Comprehensive Hamptons Lifestyle Market Over 4th Of July Weekend

Nicole Barylski

Vicky Charles of Charles & Co. Design Studio designed the store's interior. (Photo: Adrian Gaut)

"The vision behind this store was to create this utility focused space that is inspired by general stores that you might see in the English seaside towns or some European general stores where you can literally find stamps next to shoes," Brittany Pattner, Creative Director of goop, told Hamptons.com at a special preview of the goop MRKT in Amagansett.

This summer, goop, the modern lifestyle brand founded by Gwyneth Paltrow, will introduce its first shoppable Hamptons pop-up installation, goop MRKT. Opening on Saturday, July 1 at a 100 year old cottage on Main Street, goop MRKT will feature a wide breadth of items, spanning from goods for the home, fashionable finds that focus on resort and swim, as well as beauty, wellness and specialty items.

"Here, it's really geared towards everything you could need or would use out east during the summer," noted Pattner. "Stuff for eating outside, tabletop for eating outside, towels and bathing suits, and baskets for the beach, stuff for your garden and updating your gloves and great sheers to dresses and great t-shirts and shorts. So it's really focused on the stuff that you would want while you're out here."

European general stores were the inspiration for the Hamptons pop-up. (Photo: Adrian Gaut)

As for why Amagansett, Pattner said it was kismet. "We found this space and it really comes down to the stars aligning and finding the right space. We found this beautiful space where we felt like we could execute the vision and Amagansett is this special part of the Hamptons," she said. "Gwyneth lives here when she's out here during the summer, so it felt really organic and right."

To fulfill the vision, goop turned to Vicky Charles of Charles & Co. Design Studio, who totally transformed the interior in just three weeks. "The house is really beautiful in itself, so it's already got so much charm, so it was just adding to that and really working with it. We're really happy with the pink color. It's not very often you can get away with pink without being baby nursery," Charles told Hamptons.com about the space, which feature Portola Paints' Angel's Landing. "goop didn't really give much of a specific design brief. It was more create a general store for everything you want in the Hamptons - something really charming and old worldy. The building kind of led the design - it just felt it needed a little warming up and make it a little feminine, but without subconsciously doing it."

goop MRKT will feature a wide breadth of items. (Photo: Adrian Gaut)

"I had some great vendors that helped me," Charles, who worked with Portola Paint, George Smith, Carleton V, Merida, Urban Electric, Cider Press Millwork, Stikwood, Woven and Jenning Rohn, among others, noted.

Shoppers will also find curated picnic baskets, a selection of breads by Eli Zabar, delivered daily, and Eli's summer essentials, such as his rooftop tomatoes and potted herbs, all grown on the Upper East Side.

"That was a big part of the design as well, to think about that kitchen/food area. So we looked at a lot of reference images for a general store and having these old stores that have a kitchen table in the back with the shelving," Charles said. "The tomatoes of course are amazing, so it was meant to have that farm to table feel, which is very Hamptons as well - there's a lot of great farms."

Customers will find the exterior is just as enticing. "We worked with Miranda Brooks to design the garden, again inspired by some English seaside towns. It's just so beautiful back here and it'll keep getting more beautiful over the course of the summer," Pattner said. "It's just the right amount of wrong back here. Her vibe is so thoughtful, but a little free flowing as well, so nothing super manicured and it feels very easy and breezy and you have this bright vegetable patch so you can pick herbs to take with you."

Locally grown fruits will also be highlighted. "There's this back wall that's totally edible. We have pears, strawberries, currants, raspberries, so come the high of summer it'll be really delicious out here," Pattner shared. "When we think about goop MRKT, we try to create something that feels really indigenous to where we're plotting ourselves for the time being and think about it as if goop lived in x city, in this case Amagansett, what would home look like?"

Shoppers will also find curated picnic baskets, a selection of breads by Eli Zabar. (Photo: Adrian Gaut)

The beauty wall that encompasses everything from bath bombs to skincare to makeup is bound to be a hit with shoppers, and of course the goop skincare line is readily available. Staples and installations from La Ligne, Stella McCartney, Borgo de Nor, Totem Home, Organic Pharmacy, Jenning Rohn, Urban Electric, Kisuii, Framebridge, Rochelle Sara and Reebok can also be found. Additionally, goop MRKT offers a child-focused "Littles" shop, created in collaboration with Illumination Despicable Me 3.

goop MRKT will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. through Saturday, August 20.

goop MRKT is located at 145 Main Street in Amagansett. For more information, goop.com.

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