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Men’s Luxury Swim Brand, Katama, Collaborates With The Surf Lodge

Sydney A. Braat

Troy Board Short by Katama. (Photo: Arnaldo Anoya)

Garrett Neff's luxury men's swim and lifestyle brand, Katama, has launched a unique collaboration with Montauk's iconic summer hotspot, The Surf Lodge. The collection features easy to wear jersey singlet, t-shirts and cardigans, alongside five styles of swimwear and a beach ready canvas tote - all perfect for a summer in the Hamptons.

"I grew up spending activity-filled summers with family along the North Atlantic coast," Neff reminisced. "It was from these memories that the Katama dream took shape - memories of canoeing and beach picnics, sunset sails and pick-up tennis and yard sports."

Emerson Surf Lodge House. (Photo: Arnaldo Anoya)

Katama is known for its distinctive New England style, infused with the wild, surf, and social aspects of Montauk. The collection will be sold this summer only at The Surf Lodge, Surf Bazaar, and online.

"The Surf Lodge embodies the Katama spirit completely. Over years of visiting the property, I've come to find it offers the same timeless, dreamy getaway experience that I have in mind while designing each collection," Neff explained.

Katama swim trunks range from $175 to $255 and the tops range from $135 to $225, while the tote is $185.

Jack Swim by Katama. (Photo: Arnaldo Anoya)

"Both Katama and The Surf Lodge offer reprieve from our daily hustle. From our first-ever beach tote to our newest board short to a bonfire-ready cardigan, this special capsule reflects such," Neff stated. "Of course, it's all finished with the considered attention to detail you've come to expect from our brands. We look forward to seeing you on the beach!"

The Surf Lodge is known to host some of the best collaborations and events in the Hamptons during the summer season. When asked about the Katama collaboration, Founder of The Surf Lodge, Jayme Carduso, remarked, "Garrett and I had met at Art Basel in Miami last year. You can feel his fondness for the ocean and beach life in his design and his designs really are based on this love. For Garrett, it's his fond memories of Katama Bay, for myself it's Brazil... and now Montauk, but this mutual admiration for the sea, made it easy for me to see how we could do something great together."

The Surf Lodge is located at 18 Edgemere Street in Montauk. For more information, call 631-483-5037 or visit thesurflodge.com. For more information about Katama, visit katamaswim.com.

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Added: July 13, 2017, 11:58 am
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