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Pandemonium Boutique Alleviating Closet Chaos

Kristen Catalano

Pandemonium Boutique, a Babylon-based shop, has set down Hamptons roots with a new Southampton location.

"The East End and Southampton require a very specific flair, one with elegant, fine, taste. We offer that," said Jacqueline DiDonato, who co-founded the boutique with Jennifer Nill Condos. "At Pandemonium, we have created an environment as if you were walking into the perfect closet. It is our closet and we are sharing it with all of our new friends."

The two women established the boutique 12 years ago and always dreamed of expanding, but their plans were put on hold when Condos became pregnant with her first daughter.

"When we opened Pandemonium 12 years ago it was our intention to open several additional locations," DiDonato noted. "Our expansion came in a different form when Jennifer had her first daughter Emma the first year we were in business. Then, Olivia and Damon joined the family. So, we put our plans on hold while we flourished in Babylon."

DiDonato serves as the President of the Babylon Village Chamber of Commerce and has been involved in her community for decades. She cites this involvement as her motivation and desire to advocate and contribute to the "Shop Small" movement.

The women's boutique is truly a family-run business, Condos' husband build the entire boutique adding custom built counters and unique iron clothing fixtures. The women and their families have truly put their blood, sweat and tears into this business.

DiDonato believes that the East End is the perfect location for their new store because of the clientele and environment. Their boutique represents styles from all around the world and caters to all different types of women. The women also pride themselves on making their products affordable and comfortable.

What Pandemonium is best known for is their jewelry and hand-painted gift bags. Their jewelry is one of a kind, handmade and in some cases exclusives. The boutique has managed to establish quite a name for itself in the artisan community and some designers actually seek them out now. As for their hand-painted gift bags, they are all 100 percent hand painted by a small group of artists. The bags all started with Jackie's father, a talented artist who began painting the bags for special occasions. They soon became a hit and the rest is history.

Pandemonium's new location is located at 9 Windmill Lane in Southampton. For more information, visit www.pandemoniumboutique.com.

Added: July 25, 2017, 2:16 pm
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