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Barry’s Bootcamp Instructor Shares His Top Tips To Get In Shape

Nicole Barylski

Barry's Bootcamp CEO Joey Gonzalez leads a class. (Courtesy Photo)

So beach season is here and maybe you haven't been hitting the gym like you swore you would this winter. No need to freak out as Connor Miller, an instructor at Barry's Bootcamp - which has locations in Wainscott, Amagansett and Southampton - is sharing his top four tips to get in shape.

Connor Miller. (Courtesy Photo)

1. Start lifting heavier weights than your hand bag. Weight training will help you burn more fat at rest, and will give you the hard body you are looking for. Don't be afraid of heavy weights, even as a women. The idea that you will bulk up from lifting heavy dumbbells is a myth. In fact, lifting heavy weights, versus always lifting light dumbbells (light means under 10 lbs.), will create more lean muscle and burn more calories, helping you achieve lean and sculpted, yet slim, muscles.

2. Hydrate properly with 8 glasses of water, or more, each day. Drinking water will suppress appetite and will increase the body's ability to metabolize stored fat, helping you flush out toxins and avoid bloat the days before you're beach-bound.

3. Take your high-intensity interval training, or "HIIT," to a new level by challenging yourself in one small way with each workout. The body needs increased intensity to achieve results and avoid plateau. Keep the changes small at first, to make it seem less overwhelming. Add a bit of speed to your treadmill run, or add an incline, increase your dumbbell weight by just 2 lbs., test yourself to squeeze in 3 more push-ups in a specific time frame.

4. Protein is key to helping recovery and will keep you feeling more satisfied as you decrease calorie intake. Don't skimp on protein, even if you're trying to cut calories a bit - protein will repair muscles and help with satiety so you're more likely to make better eating decisions all day long.

For more information about Barry's Bootcamp, visit www.barrysbootcamp.com.

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Added: June 20, 2017, 12:13 pm
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